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Trendspek is the leading 3D software for digital inspections, reporting, planning and monitoring

Revolutionising how you manage your assets

Trendspek’s 3D software, Precision Asset Intelligence, lets you virtually manage high-value built assets faster, safer and more accurately, with real confidence.

With millimetre detail, interact with exact digital replicas of infrastructure from your desk, plan maintenance in real-time, generate interactive reports and collaborate with global stakeholders.

We're powering every step of your asset lifecycle.

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How it works

Our advanced software transforms thousands of data points into Precision Reality Twins, paired with a suite of intuitive tools in a user-friendly interface for confident decisions about risk, maintenance and asset condition.

Accessible securely via web browser, anywhere in the world, and protected by triple ISO certification, SOC2 Type 1 and advanced cybersecurity auditing.

One platform,

many users

many use cases

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Taking clients to new heights

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Millions of data points for every detail.

Detail drives us, from models to platform functionality. We've developed unique analysis, reporting and communication tools powered by Precision Reality Twins that can generate over 18 million data points.

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Delivering real certainty across portfolios.

We're motivated to deliver a level of accuracy in asset management that you've never experienced before, accessible from the comfort of your desk. There is nothing you won’t see.

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Flexible service to suit your project.

Every client and project will be unique. We deliver a service tailored to your requirements to achieve the best outcomes and optimise the value of your asset.

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A 360 view to satisfy your curiosity.

We're driven by the delight of customers seeing the photo-real accuracy of Precision Reality Twins for the first time - from paint flaking to hairline cracks.

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