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Assess, plan & report using true to life Precision Reality Twins

Visual Assessments without the risk

Visual assessments without the risk

From small assets to entire sites, Trendspek recreates reality to the millimetre and provides the tools and workflows to remotely inspect and plan; better than you could onsite.

Connect your team to streamline decision making

Trendspek connects asset owners, operators and engineers, through a simple to use online platform. Form opinions, make decisions and reach outcomes faster by collaborating on a single source of truth.

Report and present with confidence

Create interactive 3D condition reports and deliver powerful visual presentations that are easy to understand and will engage stakeholders.

Trendspek is a digital twin report and presentation software
Learn from the past to predict the future

Learn from the past to predict the future

Stay ahead and in control by directly comparing 3D digital models for trend analysis. Accurate data lets you plan and predict maintenance to reduce costs and risk.

Immediate impact with tangible returns


Save Time

Reduce inspection times by up to 85% and reduce your exposure to human risk


Save Money

Reduce inspection costs by more than 66% compared to existing methods.


Reduce Risk

Reduce safety, compliance and corporate risks using indisputable data.

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Here is how the Trendspek inspection process works. It’s all designed to be fast, easy and accurate.

Data security & integrity

Trendspek is certified to International Standard ISO27001 Information Security and ISO9001 Quality Management System, assuring clients of our commitment to the highest standards of data protection and product quality.

Data security, integrity and availability.