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Trendspek delivers more data, more detail, more definitive asset decisions.


Our Service

Your assets, your way.

We’re transforming the way you manage assets. We deliver Precision Reality Twins (PRT), secure, in-built collaboration tools, industry-first trend tracking, and we package it all up with a management option that suits your size, structure, budget and capacity.

Software as a Service

You bring the data, we’ll do the processing. We’ll reignite your delight for detail with high fidelity models you can dive right into, supported by a safe and secure analysis, annotation, collaboration and reporting platform.

Choose your monthly commitment with no lock-in contract.

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Customised managed service

Time and productivity are at the forefront of both our platform and service. We’ll zoom right in on all your most important needs, helping you structure a customised management package, designed specifically for your unique asset management project.

Choose which steps you want to do yourself and what you want done for you. It’s that simple.

  1. Data capture
  2. Data processing and model production
  3. Model markup
  4. Interactive reporting
  5. Review, annotate, share

The platform:

It’s time to move beyond the digital twin. Precision Reality Twins are the next step in the asset management revolution. Forget 3D models with low resolution finishes — glide around a model that is virtually indistinguishable from the original asset.

Powerful processing


Trendspek is fast. Designed to manage data and detail at a level rarely seen in this industry, the platform processes drone, robot and other input at super speeds, cutting down render time from a week, to a day for even the most complex of assets.

Our processing speed gets the job done sooner.

Comprehensive data


Trendspek is driven by detail. Delivering the world’s most intelligent PRTs, and mirroring reality with awe-inspiring accuracy, the platform introduces true detail and data into asset management, preserving asset value over time.

Our models eliminate guesswork.

Cloud collaboration


Trendspek is connection. Hosted on the cloud and built to unite teams in one digital workspace, the platform is a powerful way to bring experts together from right across the globe, with simple, accessible and safe in-model communication.

Our collaboration tools support truly effective teamwork.

Interactive insights


Trendspek is dynamic. Offering traditional PDF output, the platform enhances reporting, with in-built, shared annotations, that make every Precision Reality Twin its own interactive account of asset condition and key recommendations.

Our accessible reports enable efficiency.

Secure and strong


Trendspek is safe. Facilitating sharing through centralised storage, our pen-tested platform is ISO27001 accredited and protected behind impenetrable digital walls.

Our security ensures your data is yours alone.

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Taking clients to new heights

White Bay Power Station


The Precision Reality Twin of Sydney's historic White Bay Power Station, was captured in just a few days for CBRE, giving them the detail they needed to plan asset repairs and restoration.

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Hobart Water Works


Trendspek's high fidelity, Precision Reality Twin of Hobart's Water Works, commissioned by Fulcrum, enables critical maintenance and risk mitigation decisions.

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Queen Street, Brisbane


Captured in just four hours, this Precision Reality Twin for PGIM Real Estate, helps the company determine if a potential purchase will deliver the desired return.

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Netherlands Real Estate


With a focus in providing better, more efficient processes for clients, Precision Asset Intelligence provides interactive, highly-detailed asset models, collaboration and reporting for the real estate industry.

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Structure Defects


To innovate asset inspections and make investigations of large structures safer and flexible, Infracorr utilises Trendspek's Precision Asset Intelligence to document and tag every visible defect on an ultra high resolution 3D model.

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Our Angle


We believe every detail counts.

We are all about the detail, not just in our models, or our platform functionality, but in everything we do. Detail drives us. To live up to this vision, we have introduced a unique combination of analysis, reporting and communication tools, and a service designed from scratch for every new client, all underpinned by our Precision RealityTwins. With our PRTs, leap from the traditional 350 data points, to over 18 million data points.

It’s all in the detail.


We deliver real certainty.

We are motivated by a mission to deliver you a level of accuracy in asset management -- both through the lens of asset protection and asset optimisation -- that you have never experienced before, at least, not from the comfort of your desk, hours of even days travel from your asset site. We have obsessed over our models, so you can too.

There is nothing you won’t see.


We focus on flexibility.

We know that no two clients we work with and no two projects we work on will ever be exactly the same. We know the asset will be different, the drive behind the task, the expectations, the outcomes will all be distinct. But what draws every client or project together is a requirement to optimise the value of the asset, to the organisation. We designed a service that can be as unique as each of our clients and projects.

This is your service; have it your way.


We encourage curiosity.

We are inspired by awe; by that look on your face when you see the detail in our Precision Reality Twins for the first time. That thrill when you zoom from a bird’s eye view of a photo-real model, to the tiniest of imperfections. That moment you realise you can finally see everything.

You didn’t believe it possible, now you know it is.

Our most trusted asset


At Trendspek, we understand the importance of assets, because to us, our clients are our most valuable assets.
We have worked in close partnership with some of the world’s biggest asset management companies, delivering our service, their way.