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Ports & Maritime inspections

A 360 view above and below wharves, piers and cranes. Trendspek allows repeatable inspections of large port and maritime assets and WSCAM compliance.


Wharves and piers


Container cranes


Jetties and walkways




Embankments and fixed assets

As a port asset owner, ensuring the safety and efficiency of your port operations is crucial.

The tendering of port inspections is one of the key components of maintaining your port infrastructure. By leveraging Trendspek’s unparalleled 3D asset models and collaboration tools, engineering contractors can make ports and maritime inspections safer and more efficient while maximising asset lifespan.

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Virtual condition assessments


Improved maintenance planning


WSCAM compliance


Interactive monitoring


Powering day-to-day operations

The port environment is constantly evolving, and Trendspek can provide valuable assistance on a daily basis. By utilising the 3D model of your port assets, you can simplify daily operations, plan maintenance and repair work, and improve your record-keeping and ongoing monitoring over time.

Improved accuracy to identify defects

Trendspek's advanced powerful 3D modelling and analysis technology provides a higher level of accuracy in allowing the detection of defects and anomalies in your port infrastructure. With this technology, you can be confident that your inspections are identifying all issues that need to be addressed.

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Reduced inspection costs

Trendspek's technology captures and analyses data more quickly, which means that less time is required for inspections. This translates to vast cost savings for your organisation that would normally go towards machinery, travel costs and repeat physical inspections.

Minimised disruptions

Trendspek's technology allows for inspections to be performed more efficiently. With the ability to capture and analyse data in real time, you can identify issues more quickly and take action sooner. This can help to prevent downtime and minimise disruptions to your port operations.

Better decision-making

Access detailed data and insights about your port infrastructure to make better-informed decisions about maintenance and repairs, which can improve the overall safety and efficiency of your operations.

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Container crane inspections in half the time

WGA (Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec) undertakes client crane inspections annually. Traditionally taking crane’s offline for three days for large teams to abseil from the top, or access via ladder or platforms, WGA partnered with Trendspek to reduce risk, improve safety and improve data efficiency.

Utilising Trendspek’s technology has cut that capture time in half, reducing inspections from three days to one, driving better safety and eliminating the need for people working at dangerous heights.

Shape-orange-14 Days to capture: 1 day
Shape-orange-14 Days to model: 24 hours
Shape-orange-14 Data points/quality: 22,000

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Extend the lifespan of ports and maritime assets with Trendspek.

We have worked in close partnership with some of the world’s biggest asset management companies, delivering our service, their way.


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