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Energy, Gas & Mining assets

Powering repeatable inspections of energy, gas and mining assets that keep communities running.


Power stations




Jetties and piers


LNG tanks


Pipe runs


Chimneys and stacks

Every defect on an energy asset is not just a profit or safety risk, but can also affect the essential services that are relied upon by large communities.

By leveraging Trendspek's Precision Reality Twins and interactive tools, project teams can conduct accurate and repeatable condition assessments to improve structural longevity without relying on heavy machinery or working at heights.

Replacing assumptions with concrete data, understand the condition of your assets over time and streamline maintenance workflows to achieve optimal operational efficiency.

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Data-led visual inspection


Better maintenance planning


Targeted investigations


Safer operations


Collaborate with global experts

Draw on accurate data

Draw on vast volumes of data points to identify defects like leaks, corrosion, cracked concrete or structural issues long before they become critical, and leverage interactive reporting to prepare specialist processes such as Non-Destructive Testing.

Repeatable, sustainable inspections

Repeat inspection pathways and assess identical parts of the asset to understand performance over time, pre-empt degradation, and address potential issues before they escalate.

Better maintenance planning

Zoom into, markup and annotate directly onto exact 3D replicas of your assets to reduce the number of site visits and potential risks, without compromising on quality, while streamlining key maintenance needs.

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Eliminate scope creep

Draw on hundreds of thousands of accessible data points to accurately plan projects, reduce delays and optimise delivery of shutdown or outage objectives to ensure your workflows run to time, cost and scope projections.

Targeted investigations

Create a regular schedule of cost-effective, safe inspections using Precision Reality Twins that can be accessed at any time, anywhere in the world.

Collaborate with global experts

Securely share condition data with contractors and specialists to streamline maintenance planning and remediation works.

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Featured case study

White Bay Power Station

CBRE was appointed to manage inspection of the White Bay Power Station to prepare for extensive remediation works ahead of future adaptive reuse.

They teamed up with Trendspek and Placemaking NSW to capture a high-fidelity 3D model of hard-to-reach areas for better maintenance planning and full coverage of the dilipdated structure.

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Extend your energy asset lifespan with Trendspek.

We've worked in close partnership with some of the world’s biggest asset management companies, delivering our service, their way.

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