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Energy & Mining inspections

Powering energy and mining inspections to extend critical asset lifespan through 3D models, predictive maintenance planning and interactive reporting.

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Every defect on an energy asset is not just a profit or safety risk, but can also minimise the effectiveness of essential services provided to communities.

Trendspek captures your energy and mining assets and delivers a high-fidelity 3D model in hours, enabling faster and more accurate defect identification and informed decision-making to extend asset lifespan and protect communities.

Better asset inspections, enabling better decisions.

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title-accent Maintenance and shutdown planning

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Get ahead of maintenance planning

Capture interactive 3D asset models and give access to partners and contractors to collaborate in real-time. Identify defects that require immediate attention so vital maintenance can be accounted for in future budgets. By implementing our data-driven approach to energy asset maintenance planning, you can prevent failures that impact businesses and communities.

Eliminate scope creep

Optimise delivery of shutdown or outage objectives using Trendspek to inform project planning and ensure your workflows runs to time, cost and scope projections.

Easily draw on detailed models and hundreds of thousands of accessible data points to accurately plan project scope and costs, and reduce any likelihood of delays that result in negative impact on people and profits.

Optimise inspection workflows

Create a regular schedule of cost-effective and safe inspections using Precision Reality Twins that can be accessed at any time, by any stakeholder anywhere in the world.

Zoom in to 3D models down to the millimetre to identify defects like leaks, corrosion, cracked concrete or structural issues, and leverage interactive reporting to prepare specialist processes such as Non-Destructive Testing.

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White Bay Power Station from every angle

An historic staple in the Sydney cityscape, White Bay Power Station was first constructed in the early 1900s and stood, operational for more than 60 years.

After closing during the 1980s and remaining dormant, CBRE was appointed to manage inspection of the structure inside and outside, and oversee critical maintenance to ensure it continued to meet the requirements of its heritage listing. CBRE teamed up with Trendspek and Placemaking NSW to capture a high-fidelity 3D model of hard-to-reach areas for better maintenance planning and future adaptive reuse of the structure.

Shape-orange-14 Capture: 2 days
Shape-orange-14 Model: 24 hours
Shape-orange-14 Data points/quality: 20 million+
Shape-orange-14 Cost saving: 60%+

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