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Industrial & Property assets

Manage risk and routine auditing across large property portfolios with confidence.








Logistics centres


Roofing & PV


HVAC & Electrical

Managing property assets includes the challenging logistics of regular on-site inspections – either working at heights, or in unsafe environments. Trendspek allows for faster, safer, cost-effective condition assessments and maintenance planning.

Trendspek’s leading Precision Asset Intelligence software reduces the complexity of property asset management, providing rapid capture of every angle of your asset to enable faster inspection, reporting and quoting.

With vast volumes of accurate data, confidently track the condition of your property and product evidence-based management plans to maximise asset lifetime value.

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Digital-led visual inspection


Maintenance planning and remediation


CAPEX and shutdown planning


Targeted investigations


Decommissioning assets

Millimetre detail of asset condition

Safely view every aspect of your asset within a user-friendly interface to make confident decisions that align with your client’s strategic priorities. Keep stakeholders informed with interactive digital reports, and streamline targeted investigatios.

Collaborate direct with contractors

Combine Trendspek's 3D platform with human expertise to identify critical defects ahead of time. Our simplified sharing capabilities make it easy to give contractors access to interactive condition reports to efficiently plan maintenance.

Improve resilience and CapEx planning

Track the condition of your asset over time, and draw upon vast volumes of data to project required future works. Accurately budget for investment across accounting periods, and predict future value with digitised reports.

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Faster, accurate, cost-effective maintenance

Give contractors a login to virtually walk around the asset, exploring every corner in high-fidelity 3D to produce accurate estimates and proposals for maintenance.

Monitor defects and changes in condition for more informed maintenance planning, and conduct close review of works to eliminate deviation from plans and ensure optimal remediation works.

Improved ESG performance

With access to view even hard-to-reach areas of your asset, improve your environmental performance by reducing the need for physical site visits, transportation of workers, or the operation of heavy machinery.

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Featured case study

Syntric Consult: Due diligence across large facilities

Syntric Consult’s specialist auditors provide independent compliance and condition assessments across a variety of built environments. They first adopted Trendspek in 2023, using our 3D software and high-resolution aerial capture to deliver safe, efficient, and strategic asset management outcomes.

Shape-orange-14 Model creation: 24 hours
Shape-orange-14 Time savings: 50%
Shape-orange-14 Efficiency saving: 60%
Shape-orange-14 Safety: Low-risk aerial survey

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