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There’s no ‘I’ in team, or in Trendspek.

At Trendspek, we know that revolutionising an industry is not often done alone. We believe in working with world’s best so we can make asset inspection safer, accurate and more cost-effective. We are proud, to call these companies our partners.



As an innovator itself, Microsoft generously lends its experience and resources to tech start ups it believes will successfully disrupt the market. Trendspek welcomes the partnership opportunity with Microsoft, and our team looks forward to showing how Precision Asset Intelligence platform will change the world.



A unicorn drone manufacturer, based in the USA, Skydio has not only made its mark in cutting-edge drone production, it also provides rapid asset capture through its drone inspection services. Trendspek has teamed up with Skydio to offer our clients the opportunity to capture and see their complete asset on screen, in less than a third of the time it takes for traditional capture.



Want to learn how to pilot a drone like a pro? Coptrz is a renowned global supplier of drone flight training, and most importantly, a leading UK-based provider of asset inspection services across a vast array of industries. Coptrz does the capture, and Trendspek delivers the model.



Australia’s largest commercial real estate provider, CBRE is responsible for the sale, purchase and management of some of the country’s most impressive and important assets. Teaming up with Trendspek, it has taken inspection to a new level, delivering accurate asset reports to clients faster than ever before.