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A better view of ESG in your business

Delivering greater sustainability, environmental and social insights

Excel in a world that demands more

In our modern world, successful companies are no longer only measured by their bottom line, they are also measured by the positive and negative impact they have on the people and environment around them.

As the need for more informed environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) evolves, Trendspek’s advanced asset intelligence platform, offers you the ability to create better policies, and make smarter, more confident decisions, that deliver increased sustainability.

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Delivering on all angles

Trendspek’s leading Precision Asset Intelligence software delivers on all ESG angles:


Reduce travel and site distruption while improving asset resilience and lifespan.


Improve staff safety and enable flexible work to empower a diverse talent pool.


Evidence based records for complete coverage at detail once thought unachievable.

Trendspek is improving safety

Around the globe, asset owners and managers are accountable for the health and well-being of the people who work with them, and for the communities that live near their assets, and are impacted by their operation.

Water infrastructure managers protect communities from flood, power stations provide much-needed electricity and telcos empower us to communicate.

Trendspek enables these crucial structures to be inspected rapidly and accurately by drone and Precision Reality Twin, eliminating onsite risk, and enabling decisions that keep communities safe.

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Trendspek is enabling a healthier environment

Over the last decade, global citizens have become no stranger to disasters that potentially could have been avoided if asset managers were able to more accurately plan maintenance and predict catastrophic failures.

As well as enabling a remote approach to asset management, decreasing your travel and carbon footprint, Trendspek’s highly-detailed and interactive models enable comprehensive identification of defects, and comparison over time empowers projections and planned maintenance that can save lives.

Trendspek is delivering on security

The safe storage and protection of data – particularly personal or sensitive data – is an increasing challenge for many organisations. As a data-driven company, Trendspek knows both the value of data, and the risks associated with keeping, using and sharing it.

One of the only providers of interactive asset models in the world, certified to the ISO27001 for information security and ISO9001 for quality management systems, our commitment to pen testing, independent security audits and local and GDPR compliance, exemplifies our focus on protecting our customers.

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Trendspek is powering your entire ESG process

At the foundation of all successful policy-making, is information. When it comes to the data you need, Trendspek has you covered.

Drawing on up to hundreds of thousands of data points, interactive models, collaborative annotation and trend-tracking, you can maintain complete, accurate and accessible records that will improve governance, decrease risk and enable compliance.

Protect your brand and business with Trendspek.

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