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Water, Reservoir & Dam inspections

Trendspek delivers airtight water asset management of critical water suppliers and infrastructure, powered by tech-driven inspections for optimised asset maintenance.

Treatment facilities






Pipes and crossings


The management of critical water assets and infrastructure that serves millions of people has never been more important.

With Trendspek’s high-fidelity 3D asset models and secure tools for collaboration, assessment and reporting, water asset managers can adhere to increasingly stringent safety and environmental requirements, while maximising asset output and lifetime value.

Optimised visual inspection

Maintenance planning

Shutdown planning

Decommissioning assets

Define projects with confidence

By collaborating in real-time through Trendspek's platform, you can better define budgets, set realistic timelines, prioritise short-term and long-term maintenance needs. Key stakeholders will have access to detailed asset data, models and trends on Trendspek to increase asset performance and reduce risk.

Minimise site disruption

Optimise delivery of shutdown or outage objectives using Trendspek to inform project planning and ensure your workflows run to time, cost and scope projections.

Easily draw on detailed models and hundreds of thousands of accessible data points to accurately plan and reduce delays that result in negative impact on people and profits.

Streamline condition assessments

Introduce team-wide understanding of all components within your water assets, and their condition, to proactively plan repair and replacements.

Identify risk and deterioration over time and ensure assets are structurally sound and pose no safety risk, right down to identifying where paint is peeling, or corrosion is causing leaks, to more confidently plan repairs and allocate spend.

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Improving safety at Hobart Water Works

Working with leading robotics provider Fulcrum, Trendspek developed a comprehensive 3D model of the Hobart Water Works dam in just 24 hours after capture. This enabled the identification of vertical or horizontal cracks that, if left unattended, could cause potential disaster..

Shape-orange-14 Days to capture: 1 day
Shape-orange-14 Days to model: 24 hours
Shape-orange-14 Data points/quality: 60 million+
Shape-orange-14 Cost saving: 50%+

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Improve your water asset management with Trendspek.

We work in close partnership with some of the world’s biggest water asset management companies, delivering our service, their way.

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