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Trendspek's Precision Reality Twins support digital assessments of King Fahd Causeway

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Trendspek, in partnership with Egis, Applus+ and VSL, will provide its Precision Reality Twins and interactive 3D platform to digitise condition assessments of the Middle East's 25km King Fahd Causeway.

Trendspek's 3D platform will provide a global project team full coverage of the King Fahd Causeway's structural health, while its remote access will remove the need for multiple teams to fly in to physically scale the bridge.

Once a scan of the bridge has been completed by Applus+, Trendspek will deliver an exact digital replica, a Precision Reality Twin with millimetre detail, to allow relevant project stakeholders to complete a digital assessment in days while leveraging specialist engineers in over 7 countries.

The benefit of Precision Reality Twins
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Just one Precision Reality Twin can deliver multiple layers of value across the entire lifecycle, allowing for virtual defect identification, streamlined scope and tendering, remediation planning, interactive reporting in real-time and active monitoring.

With access to an accurate digital record of the structure within a user-friendly interface, Precision Asset Intelligence, this minimises the need for engineers and contractors to physically visit the site.

This collaborative virtual approach will generate a full interactive condition report to identify target areas for investigation and maintenance needs to ensure the longevity and safety of the King Fahd Causeway.

Trendspek will provide the King Fahd Causeway Authority with a historical digital record that can be leveraged for subsequent inspections.

Read the full press release from Egis

Derek Feebrey, CEO of Trendspek says:

"This project marks an exciting step for creating a truly globalised engineering force through the use of technology, that ultimately benefits stakeholders with more value and tangible results."


About Trendspek

Trendspek is a leading 3D asset management software that allows engineers and asset owners to virtually assess, manage and monitor infrastructure to make evidence-led decisions, anywhere in the world.

This digital-led method of investigation, reporting and remediation of assets provides superior outcomes when compared with physical assessments, which can take up to 12 months to complete.

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About Egis

Egis is an international engineering group and a dominant player in the engineering sector with 10 offices across the Middle East and over 16,200 employees worldwide. Egis specializes in Engineering Consultancy, Infrastructure and Building Engineering, Project Development and Operation.

Known for its technical excellence, Egis has been entrusted and successful in completing a number of ambitious and innovative projects across different sectors in the Middle East. 

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About Applus+

Applus+ is a worldwide leader in the testing, inspection, and certification sector. We are a trusted partner, enhancing the quality and safety of our client’s assets and infrastructures while safeguarding their operations and improving their environmental performance.

Our innovative approach, technical capabilities and highly-skilled and motivated workforce of over 25,000 employees assure operational excellence across multiple sectors in more than 65 countries. 

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About VSL 

VSL is a specialist in post-tensioned and cable-stayed structures, foundations and ground engineering. It thus contributes to the design and construction of transport infrastructure (bridges, tunnels, roads), buildings, and industrial & energy-producing structures, and it maintains, repairs and upgrades all structural systems that guarantee performance, safety and durability.

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