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Benefits of Digital Engineering 2024

As asset management rapidly evolves, we explore how a digital-led solution and advanced 3D technologies can unlock more value across the O&M asset lifecycle for structural engineers.

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What is digital engineering?

Digital engineering is capturing, creating and monitoring built assets by integrating data with emerging digital solutions.

From 3D models to computer vision simulation, engineers are increasingly turning to advanced technologies to markup, monitor and report on assets in a virtual environment.

The digital information stored within these environments provides a significant advantage and cam be utilised across the full asset maintenance lifecycle, to share with construction teams, global stakeholders, GIS teams and insurance companies.

Rather than replacing professionals, going digital can significantly enhance workflows for today's engineers.

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Going digital provides a competitive advantage

The unique challenges associated with maintaining infrastructure, including safety risks, financial setbacks and increasing ESG pressures, are changing the status quo across industry.

As asset owners juggle performance, risk and costs, the rise of 3D digital twin software has provided a practical and competitive solution.

Our white paper explores how digital solutions can unlock more value for engineers while optimising internal processes, mitigating risks, and offering more value across the asset lifecycle.

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A deep dive into the benefits

With the rise of photogrammetry and 3D software, leading organisations are turning to computer vision to identify, monitor and report on their assets with assurance and accuracy.

We explore 6 emerging benefits of digital engineering, including:

  • Quality data can identify potential risks ahead of time
  • Unlock predictive maintenance capabilities
  • Integrate with existing systems like BIM, SAP, ESRI GIS
  • Access hard-to-reach areas with minimal risks
  • Bring teams closer together through digital workflows
  • Offering more trust and value to asset owners

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About Trendspek

Trendspek minimises the need for dangerous asset capture, and through secure collaboration, in-model mark up, measurement and interactive reporting, enables you to manage your asset, your way, without ever leaving your desk.

Pioneering a new era of innovation, Trendspek’s cloud-based software platform is today used globally by over 2000 industry leaders and counting, and has set a new standard for rapid asset capture and high-fidelity 3D asset models.

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Benefits of Digital Engineering 2024

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