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Combine zero-touch capture and 3D software for full coverage of building fabrics across university campuses.


Education buildings


Historic buildings


HVAC & plant systems


Ornamental features

Many universities feature a mix of new and historic buildings that require strategic maintenance for their continued use. Trendspek supports repeatable inspections with minimal shutdown periods to extend asset lifespan.

We combine rapid asset capture with interactive Precision Reality Twins to enable condition assessments within a virtual environment, distilled into a central hub of communication for stronger collaboration between contractors, engineers and internal stakeholders.

Replace assumptions with data-led evidence to streamline maintenance, remediation and planning workflows.

Data-led visual inspection

Optimised CAPEX/OPEX

Maintenance planning and accurate quoting

Virtual site visits and collaboration

Improved facilities management


Draw on accurate data

Draw on vast volumes of data points to identify defects like leaks, corrosion, cracked concrete or structural issues long before they become critical, to keep operations of key education assets running with minimal shutdown periods.

Plan building maintenance with confidence

Trendspek provides interactive reporting to better define project budgets, set realistic timelines, prioritise maintenance needs and highlight important risks.

Collaborate in real-time with key stakeholders who all have access to detailed asset data for optimised CAPEX planning.

Optimised assessments for better governance

Build complete, accessible digital records of asset condition for improved governance, risk and compliance obligations.

Identify risks and take preventative action to protect corporate reputation.

Improved resilience and environmental performance

Leverage asset intelligence to predict failures, reduce materials wastage and plan smarter construction.

Reduce carbon footprints by reducing the need for travel (physical site visits) or the transportation and operation of heavy machinery like EWP's.

Featured case study

University of Sydney

Leading the way for transformative asset management

The University of Sydney features many buildings constructed over the last century, including the heritage-listed Quadrangle. With some of these historic assets surpassing 50 years old, they set out on a mission to build an inspection program to document defects and mitigate risks.

This led to them to Trendspek to virtually assess, monitor and plan remediation works across 100+ buildings.

“Though we tried similar options, we landed on Trendspek for its quality and ability to capture changes over time really comprehensively," says Martin Ayres, Head of Strategic Asset Management at the University of Sydney.

Protect key education assets with Trendspek.

We have worked in close partnership with some of the world’s biggest asset organisations, delivering our service, their way.

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