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Capture Guide: Pro tips for a Better Capture

Get the most of out of your next capture project with photogrammetry tips and best practices from enterprise drone pilots.

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Your ultimate field guide for getting the most out of every capture mission

Unsure which resolution to use? Need to determine the best distance, speed and flight path to take for your drone? This guide will equip you with all the information you need to capture highly detailed and accurate digital twin 3D drone imagery.

Elevate your drone photography

We’ll guide you every step of the process to better understand difference in image quality between 1.5mm, 3mm and 5mm per pixel, to understand the importance of resolution and white balance/image ratio/focus, and how to achieve optimal drone capture techniques.

Master every step of the capture process

From preparing your flight plan to tips on how to bulk edit your photos in the case of non-optimal lighting conditions, this guide will provide valuable insight to master your capture project end-to-end.

Achieve the perfect 3D model

Not every drone capture will be the same. Each asset is unique, from location, size and height to weather conditions and terrain. We’ll show you how to work across a variety of conditions with tips on photogrammetry and accuracy to ensure your imagery aligns with Precision Reality Twins technology.

Try our resolution calculator

Calculate the distance needed to capture your desired resolution, click here.

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Capture Guide: Pro tips for a better drone capture

Download our free guide and optimise your aerial drone imagery and photogrammetry for 3D model processing.

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