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Bridge inspections

Enabling safe and repeatable condition assessments of large bridge infrastructure to ensure structural longevity.




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Routine assessments are critical for the ongoing use of bridges, but they remain one of most complex assets to inspect with accuracy.

The problem for bridge owners is that traditional visual inspections are labour-intensive, can require expensive equipment, may present safety risks and can be inaccurate depending on accessibility and reporting methods.

This can make it difficult to collect data, and harder to meet regulatory compliance rules.

By leveraging Trendspek’s 3D Precision Reality Twin models and interactive virtual environment with a suite of powerful tools, specialist engineers can safely conduct accurate digital condition assessments to improve structural longevity of bridges while maximising asset lifespan.

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Virtual condition assessments


Sustainable maintenance planning


Collaborate with global specialists


Interactive monitoring of changes


Safer day-to-day operations

With Trendspek’s 3D modelling taking the lead, project teams can ensure a safer inspection process, with fewer site visits, without compromising on quality. With a high-fidelity digital replica of your asset, streamline maintenance and repairs while reducing the number of individuals exposed to risks.

Improved accuracy to identify defects

With access to a digital history of your asset with millimetre detail, this allows for greater accuracy when making important strategic decisions.

By combining Trendspek with human expertise to detect defects and anomalies ahead of time, you can be confident in identifying all issues that need to be addressed.

Repeatable and sustainable inspections

Repeat an exact inspection pathway and assess identical parts of the infrastructure to understand performance over time, pre-empt degradation, and address potential issues before they escalate.

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Better costs, planning and monitoring

Trendspek eliminates the need for heavy equipment like scaffolding and cranes, eliminates subjectivity, and allows engineers to objectively proactively monitor defects across structure. This translates to vast cost savings that would normally go towards repeat physical inspections.

Layer and compare data

Visualise and overlay defects discovered by optical, thermal, and point cloud analyses to provide a baseline assessment of the structure, which can be tracked over time.

Supporting engineers

Our solution lets engineers deliver new and unexpected value for clients across the O&M asset lifecycle, from visual inspection to tendering and monitoring.

How we help engineers

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Case study

Egis, Applus+, Trendspek and VSL lead digital assessments of King Fahd Causeway

With its decades long experience and expertise in refurbishment design, rehabilitation, operation and maintenance of bridges and highway infrastructure, Egis will conduct a thorough condition and life assessment of the causeway linking the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Egis will use Trendspek's 3D software for a digitally integrated approach to execute this iconic bridge project.

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