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How engineers use Trendspek

Offsite engineering solutions to improve safety while ensuring structural integrity.

Deliver new value beyond the condition report

Engineers understand that asset owner expectations are changing, and that digital solutions can provide full coverage and certainty.

Trendspek's Precision Asset Intelligence digitises condition assessments and maintenance workflows for faster, safer, more accurate results, to deliver trust and cost efficiency across the asset lifecycle.

Data-led accurate evidence

Engineers can complete condition assessments offsite and use advanced digital reporting tools to provide asset owners with all the information they need.

Compatible with multiple data formats (Thermal, LiDAR and BIM), Trendspek’s data can layered for comprehensive reports and a full picture.

These 3D models are multipurpose, and can be used across the lifecycle for scoping, tendering, repairs, maintenance, quality assurance and active monitoring.

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How Trendspek can be used across O&M

Key outcomes

my image Efficiency

  • Complete inspections 50% faster
  • Reduce number of site visits
  • Faster, more accurate digital reporting

my image Superior Quality

  • Access to accurate, digital records to make better recommendations
  • Protect against liability
  • Up to 1mm detail and can access hard-to-reach areas

my image Safety

  • No ropes, EWP’s or working at heights
  • No working around active sites
  • Reduce long commutes

my image Competitive advantage

  • Complete assessments in hours, rather than days
  • 24 hours to generate a 3D model from initial capture
  • Upsell projects to include investigations, project management and remediation

Case study

Infracorr leverages technology for concrete durability

Infracorr is one of Australia’s most trusted experts in managing repair of complex corrosion and deterioration.

In 2020, Managing Director Ian Godson discovered Trendspek’s software and has since rolled it out company-wide to transform durability solutions.

"With Trendspek, we can identify and tag every visible defect and know exactly where it is. It is a game-changer."

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