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What does digital twin mean anyway?

Is digital twin the buzzword that will bring down asset management? Learn about the ambiguity of digital twin technology and how Precision Reality Twins can take its place in our free discussion paper.

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Digital twins have become increasingly popular in asset management. However, there is ambiguity in the definition of digital twin technology, and the variations can vary greatly. Do they all do the same thing? For the same industry? To produce the same result? At the same quality?

The much more complicated answer is digital twins have evolved, but our language to define them hasn’t evolved at the same pace – and what they once were has diversified into different products with huge variations in quality and detail.

As asset management becomes more ESG-focused, selecting technology platforms built-for-purpose – underpinned by safety, security and accuracy – becomes more crucial.

But, when the digital twin space now includes hundreds of distinct output types and thousands of suppliers, how can we be expected to choose the software that will drive the industry forward, rather than undermining it?

Precision Reality Twins (PRTs) are a potential solution to the ambiguity of digital twin technology. They offer benefits such as 80% more coverage, 95% time saving, 50% cost saving, and reduced safety risk compared to traditional inspection methods.

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“When a search for ‘digital twin’ on Google reveals more than 528 million results – how do asset managers who are looking for an accurate, quality, purpose-built and reliable solution, ever find the products that will truly propel the industry (and their company) forward, rather than undermining it?”

– Digital Twin: the buzzword that will bring down asset management

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We work closely with some of the world’s biggest asset managers, to deliver the most accurate, 3D asset models you’ve ever seen!

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Whitebay Power Station

The Precision Reality Twin of Sydney's historic White Bay Power Station, was captured in just a few days for CBRE, giving them the detail they needed to plan asset repairs and restoration.

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Hobart Water Works

Trendspek's high fidelity, Precision Reality Twin of Hobart's Water Works, commissioned by Fulcrum, enables critical maintenance and risk mitigation decisions.

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Queen Street, Brisbane

Captured in just four hours, this Precision Reality Twin for PGIM Real Estate, helps the company determine if a potential purchase will deliver the desired return.

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