The software didn’t exist.So we built it.

Trendspek delivers 3D models in a secure, cloud-based environment with powerful tools to report, monitor and take action on the condition of built assets – faster, safer, better.

Precision Reality Twin models with millimetre detail
Safe, repeatable condition auditing
Interactive record-keeping and reporting
Accurate CAPEX forecasting
Proactive maintenance planning

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Enterprise-grade data security

Trendspek is proud to meet leading cybersecurity compliance, ensuring advanced data protection.


SOC2 Type 1and Type 2


ISO 9001, 27701and 27001


EU GDPRcompliant


External adutingand surveillance

Frequently asked questions

Traditional condition reporting can deliver subjective and inaccurate results.

Trendspek’s purpose-built software, Precision Asset Intelligence, harnesses the power of data-led evidence to help you make confident decisions about managing your built assets.

We deliver interactive 3D models of built assets with millimetre detail for engineer-grade inspections, allowing you to monitor assets at scale, leverage advanced tools for visual assessments within a virtual environment and complete critical maintenance steps online, rather than onsite.

Once you've completed a reality capture, upload the data (photos, LiDAR, BIM) into our software to generate interactive 3D Precision Reality Twins — exact digital replicas of your built assets.

These PRTs are accessible within our user-friendly interface, paired with a suite of advanced measurement, markup, monitoring and reporting tools for a full picture of asset condition.

Trendspek is built to be used by everyone, from the boardroom to the toolbox.

Our user-friendly software requires minimal training (just ask our clients) and can be used by asset owners, engineers, consultants, facilities managers, insurers, capture providers and contractors to unlock truly collaborative asset management.

You can access 3D models anytime, from anywhere in the world, securely via web browser.

Login to your Trendspek account using multi-factor authentication (MFA) and ensure the right people are accessing your 3D models with full RBAC (role-based access control).

Trendspek is compatible with many existing data formats, such as Cesium 3D Tiles, IFC BIM Data, LAS point clouds and more.

Hosted on the cloud, our secure platform is built to bring global teams together in one digital workplace.

Provide a login to multiple stakeholders to view the 3D models in real-time communicate in-model to streamline workflows.

We are proudly certified in global compliance for ISO 9001 (Quality Management), 27001 (Information Security Management) and 27701, SOC2 Type 1 and Type 2, and EU GDPR.

Protecting your data is paramount, so we undertake regular cybersecurity auditing and PEN Testing to maintain enterprise-level compliance standards.

We offer flexible and scalable packages that allow you to pay only for what you need. Our team will guide you from start to finish to determine the most suitable plan for your workload, with no hidden fees or surprises.

Our pricing model consists of two main components: Annual Software Plans and Processing Packs.

Annual Software Plans: Choose a plan that aligns with the support level and advanced features your business needs: Starter, Growth, Pro, Business, Corporate, and Enterprise. You can create and upload your own 3D models at no additional cost or opt for one of our Processing Packs.

Processing Packs: Access our hybrid cloud-based processing engine to create 3D models. These packs are available in various sizes, and any unused processing capacity from your pack is credited to your account for future use.