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Precision Asset Intelligence

Trendspek’s leading 3D software lets you virtually manage built assets faster, safer, and more accurately.

The software didn't exist, so we built it

Identify. Prioritise. Mitigate.

Launched in 2019, Trendspek’s Precision Asset Intelligence (PAI) is an advanced cloud-based software enabling virtual inspections, reporting, planning and monitoring of built assets within an interactive 3D environment.

Our advanced software transforms thousands of data points into Precision Reality Twins, paired with a suite of intuitive tools in a user-friendly interface for confident decisions about risk, maintenance and asset condition.

Accessible securely via web browser and protected by triple ISO certification, SOC2 Type 1 and advanced cybersecurity auditing.

  • 100% coverage of asset condition, with up to 1mm detail
  • Rapid inspections with improved safety and minimal site interruptions
  • Multi-layered reporting that can be readily shared with stakeholders
  • Targeted investigations with reduced times and costs
  • Accurate forecasting, risk protection and cost control

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Who uses Trendspek?

Unlocking collaborative asset management.

Our software lets stakeholders work together to extend the lifespan of high-value built assets.

Trendspek’s user-friendly Precision Asset Intelligence can be used by asset owners, engineers, consultants, facilities managers, insurers, capture providers and contractors across multiple asset types for a holistic understanding of asset condition, maintenance needs, and risk prevention.

From large-scale reservoirs to container cranes, PAI has your assets covered.

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How does it work?

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What our clients say

“Our vision is to introduce new technologies across the business to deliver effective solutions for our clients and help manage risk. I do believe that Trendspek will give us the leading edge”

Andrew Brown, Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec

Australian born, global reach

A mission to make asset management better.

Trendspek’s software is used by asset owners, engineers, consultants, facilities managers, insurers, capture providers and contractors all over the world, supported by a global team.

Motivated to make asset management better, our digital-led solution is helping to extend the lifespan of high-value built assets, understand their condition, manage maintenance, and better govern risk.

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What is a Precision Reality Twin?

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Case studies with customers

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