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Precision Reality Twin

Trendspek's purpose-built 3D models with millimetre detail unlock every angle of your assets.

A new era of 3D modelling

Full coverage of assets from your desk.

Launched by Trendspek for our Precision Asset Intelligence software, our 3D Precision Reality Twins (PRT) mark a new level in digital asset modelling with superior outcomes.

Capable of using the hundreds of thousands of data points generated by reality capture, Precision Reality Twins enable accurate zoom to sub-millimetre detail, unlimited 360-degree movement around the asset, and a complete picture, in full context, of every façade and feature.

Our built-for-purpose Precision Reality Twins deliver detail and decisions to provide full coverage of assets that you can rely on.

  • 24 hour proccessing turnaround
  • Sub-zoom capabilities with millimetre detail
  • 360-degree movement around the asset
  • Compatible with multiple data formats including photos, BIM, LiDAR
  • Layer data for comprehensive 3D models

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Precision Reality Twin benefits

24 hours to generate model

Vast time and cost savings

Sub-millimetre detail and zoom

High resolution 3D models

Powerful processing

Limitless data points

Measure and markup in-model

360 degree rotation/movement

How does it work?

Exact digital replicas with millimetre detail.

After capturing the asset, we process thousands of high-fidelity data points into exact Precision Reality Twin models that you can interact with securely via web browser.

With an exact 3D replica of your asset that can be zoomed into with up to 1mm detail, cover more of your asset, including hard-to-reach areas for a comprehensive visual condition assessment where you can see every detail.

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Trendspek PRTs in action

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What our clients say

“With old software you can’t see texture or cracking in the concrete. With Trendspek the defects are obvious, that level of forensic clarity is what leads to an confident outcome”

Mike Larkin, Fulcrum

Australian born, global reach

A mission to make asset management better.

Trendspek’s software is used by asset owners, engineers, consultants, facilities managers, insurers, capture providers and contractors all over the world, supported by a global team.

Motivated to make asset management better, our digital-led solution is helping to extend the lifespan of high-value built assets, understand their condition, manage maintenance, and better govern risk.

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