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Move over digital twins!

See your asset from every angle with Precision Reality Twins.

Precision Reality Twin: a new asset experience.

Digital Twins have been around for a long time in asset management, but what are they really? Are they photoreal or illustrated in appearance? High fidelity or low quality? Accurate or indicative only?

The answer is, we don’t know, and neither does anyone else! Over the years, so many digital twin platforms have been introduced into asset management, that the term itself has little meaning.

What we do know, however, is the humble digital twin does not even compare when it comes to Precision Reality Twins (PRTs). With the highest level of detail, and so accurate they can be used to make decisions without a site visit, PRTs are a complete, interactive experience!

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Propelling asset management forward

Sub millimetre

High resolution models

Any size

Limitless data points

Measure in-model

360-degree rotation/movement

What are Precision Reality Twins?

Produced exclusively by Precision Asset Intelligence platforms, Precision Reality Twins are a new era in asset management, and asset modelling.

Capable of using the hundreds of thousands of data points generated by drone capture, for the first time, Precision Reality Twins enable accurate zoom to sub-millimetre detail, unlimited 360-degree movement around the asset, and a complete picture, in full context, of every façade and feature.

Forget stitching hundreds of photos into one image, or low-quality digital twins, Precision Reality Twins deliver detail and decisions.

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“With the old software, you can’t see texture or cracking in the concrete, with Trendspek, defects are obvious. That level of forensic clarity is what leads to an outcome, it leads to the reality twin being sent to the engineer to get advice or form a decision, with confidence.”

– Mike Larkin, Fulcrum

Trendspek’s Precision Reality Twins in action

White Bay Power Station


This Precision Reality Twin of Sydney’s historic White Bay Power Station, was captured in just a few days for CBRE, giving them the detail they needed to plan asset repairs and restoration.

Hobart Water Works


Trendspek’s high-fidelity, Precision Reality Twin of Hobart’s Water Works, commissioned by Fulcrum, enables critical maintenance and risk mitigation decisions.

Queen Street, Brisbane


Captured in just four hours, this Precision Reality Twin for PGIM Real Estate, helps the company determine if a potential purchase will deliver the desired return.


What is Precision Asset Intelligence software?

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