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Meet our high flyers

Launching in planes, landing on screens

A flying start for Trendspek

Every business has an origin story – a story designed to show you how grounded and down to earth its leaders truly are. Every business… except this one.

In fact, at Trendspek, our story is so far off the ground, it starts 10,000 metres up, surrounded by clouds, in the cockpit of a Boeing 747.

Derek Feebrey, Fiona Church and Mitch Deam founders and directors of Trendspek, are all ‘high flyers’ in the truest sense of the phrase – they began their careers as pilots of passenger planes for Australia’s leading airline, Qantas.

First getting behind the yoke of a plane as young as 16, the trio became acutely aware of the other people who occupied their air space on the way up – the abseilers who dangled precariously from some of the world’s biggest assets.

With a keen interest in property and infrastructure, and a focus on introducing new levels of safety, accuracy and speed in asset management, Fiona, Derek and Mitch drew on innovative technology to plot a flight path towards change in the industry.


Smarter asset management takes off

In 2018, Trendspek launched its cutting-edge Precision Asset Intelligence platform – cloud-based software created to enable rapid drone capture of assets, and the generation of the world’s most high-fidelity asset models, Precision Asset Twins. And all of this, with no dangling humans!

Building on this foundation, Trendspek minimises the need for dangerous asset capture, and through secure collaboration, in-model mark up, measurement and interactive reporting, enables you to manage your asset, your way, without ever leaving your desk.

Our trajectory

We’re on a mission to harness data, not people. We will use drone capture to deliver the most detailed and accurate models, support them with the most innovative software, and empower asset managers with certainty across all assets, anywhere in the world.



The wind beneath our wings

As well as high fidelity asset models, cutting-edge technology and excellent puns about flying, we are driven by a set of values that govern everything we do, as a
company, and as people.


We put our egos aside, listen and get to work.


We create our own path, striving to always grow, learn and improve.


We listen, without making assumptions, to understand and solve problems.


We aim to do the right thing, in the right way, at the right time, every time.


We have fun and laugh together, winning as a team and celebrating victories.

Our co-pilots

We learned long ago, when flying over oceans, in turbulence, with 500 passengers, that every single person in a team has a valuable role to play in delivering a smooth landing. We consider ourselves an extension of our customer’s teams, always here to support and innovate.

Trendspek Partners

What our customers say

"With the old software, you can’t see texture or cracking in the concrete, with Trendspek, defects are obvious. That level of forensic clarity is what leads to an outcome, it leads to that image being sent to the engineer to get advice or form a decision, with confidence."

Mike Larkin, Fulcrum

“With Trendspek, not only did we get much more detail, we could see the whole picture, and it took only three weeks to capture it and create the detailed model, in comparison to around six months to inspect traditionally.”

Daniel Lewis, Applus+

“Innovation is a massive way to create value for our clients, as is risk mitigation. When comparing to traditional approaches of inspection or to competitors, Trendspek was miles ahead on time, cost and accuracy.”

Andrew Neary, PGIM Real Estate


Better. From every angle.

At Trendspek, we understand the importance of assets, because to us, our clients are our most valuable assets. We have worked in
close partnership with some of the world’s biggest asset management companies, delivering our service, their way.