Marketing Coordinator - AU

About the job

Trendspek is an innovative and exciting Australian company and technology solutions provider. A truly ground-breaking innovation in asset management inspection, our software platform enables asset managers to detect and see miniscule defects in property, infrastructure, energy and telco assets, right from their office chair.

Already working with some of Australia’s biggest asset companies, and having successfully secured more than $6m in funding from leading real estate technology groups, among other investors, Trendspek is now set to release its 2.0 offering, as it expands to support safer, faster, and smarter asset inspection, right around the world.

The Marketing Coordinator (content + PR) is our creative and compelling wordsmith – someone who can really capture who we are, what we do, how we do it and who we do it for, in plain English that just makes sense! Your job will be to get the RIGHT word out about us in an array of forums, from our website and social media, to blog posts, white papers, e-books, presentations and advertisements. You will be passionate about writing and communication, and also have a strong interest in technology.

Highly-motivated with phenomenal time management skills, you will be working across a variety of tasks, most that will be content-lead, but some that won’t, so your skillset should extend beyond copywriting. With brilliant attention-to-detail and an intense desire to have the commas, semi-colons, en and em dashes in the right place, you will enjoy a diverse role that will allow you to own our Trendspek identity and persona, and carve out a space for yourself in the future of our business.

  • Your love of long-form will see you creating regular 800 to 1,000-word blogs to our website, drafting up news announcements, researching and writing interesting and engaging thought pieces that challenge the status quo and really driving home that we are an innovator that wants to see our industry continue to change for the better.
  • Your penchant for short form will you see you working across our people, product, proof and pioneer pillars to create social posts that encourage action or contemplation, provide new insights or knowledge, that motivate a grin or a giggle at the right time, and ultimately, that tell our story, building our persona and brand.
  • You know a good news item when you see one, and you will draw on your writing and coordination skills to create frequent media releases, disseminating them to relevant media outlets, following up and increasing the rate at which Trendspek appears in the media. We have a lot of exciting news to share – we just need someone to help us do it!\
  • Selling is at the heart of what we do, so you will carefully craft, test and optimise advertising copy that creates clicks and enquiries.
  • Your strong understanding of SEO will enable you to not only complete keyword research or draw on that provided by the team, but to optimise each page, gradually moving our content up in search rank.
  • You also know how to get your content out there – how to repurpose across a number of channels to get the most out of every piece, and which channels will enable you to hit as many relevant people as possible with the captivating copy you have created.
  • You will have a strong understanding of analytics as it relates to content and SEO, and you will work closely with our Marketing Coordinator (projects) to analyse performance and improve our content approach over time.
  • As relevant projects arise, you will take the reins, drawing up a project plan, allocating tasks and ensuring everything is completed to a high standard.

As a person, you are both a great team player and comfortable and confident working autonomously. You can work to a provided strategy, but you are not afraid to put forward your own ideas, opinions and initiatives. You are highly-motivated, details-focused and can see both big and small picture.

This a both a content/copy and PR-centric role, so be prepared to put pen to paper and get it published!

Primary Role

To be the master of all things content and PR at Trendspek.

Duties and Responsibilities

Duty or Responsibility 1: Thought leadership

  • Research and identify topics of interest to specific Trendspek audiences.
  • Develop long-form copy for blogs, thought pieces, presentations and a variety of other media, as required.
  • Create plans for distributing copy (content marketing) across an array of relevant channels.

Duty or Responsibility 2: Social Media

  • Draft short-form copy posts for review, and once approved, share them with the Marketing Coordinator (projects) for scheduling.

Duty or Responsibility 3: Analytics and Reporting

  • Review reports provided by the Marketing Coordinator (projects), and develop recommendations for refining the approach to thought leadership, copy and content.

Duty or Responsibility 4: SEO and SEM

  • Carefully craft, test and optimise ad copy for channels from Google, to LinkedIn, Facebook, print and more.
  • Undertake keyword research and apply it in on-page content optimisation.

Duty or Responsibility 5: Projects and Campaigns

  • Develop project/campaign plans as required, and oversee their implementation, ensuring all accountable staff complete their deliverables on time and on budget. Projects can include events, video content, webinars, onboarding, success or product.

Skills, Knowledge, Abilities & Attitude Required

  • 3 – 5 years’ experience in marketing coordination, with a focus on content and/or PR
  • A relevant qualification and subsequent baseline understanding of strategy is a bonus
  • Excellent written communication skills across all channels
  • Experience with Google Analytics, socials analytics, email analytics and heat mapping
  • Experience rolling out PR campaigns – writing releases, distributing, enabling publication
  • Experience coordinating successful projects and working with a range of different stakeholders
  • You should be self-motivated, driven, show initiative, have big ideas, and thrive in a fast-paced, growing environment


  • Trendspek is an industry leader that has experienced triple digit revenue growth year over year
  • Competitive base salary and commission
  • Engaging, fun & inclusive culture

Due to the nature of working in a small but growing team the duties and responsibilities listed are not an exhaustive list. There may be times when duties and responsibilities fall outside of the above list. The company will endeavor to maintain an appropriate and current position description to meet the changing needs of the role.

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