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Trendspek Capture Provider: InView Assets

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InView Assets joins Trendspek's Preferred Capture Provider network to deliver the highest standards of enterprise-level reality capture across property.


Trendspek’s growing Preferred Capture Provider network has expanded to the UK with our recent collaboration with InView Assets. 

The network consists of enterprise-level capture specialists who meet industry requirements and specifications across drone piloting and photogrammetry. These providers are highly experienced with capture for our platform and working alongside them ensures we are maintaining industry standards and best practices worldwide.

InView’s coverage across all of the UK, and proven experience capturing commercial, industrial, hospitality and residential property assets, positions Trendspek to confidently deliver quality services across our growing network of UK-based clients. 

Alana FlackAlana Flack, Head of Delivery at Trendspek

"Having InView a part of our UK trusted capture provider network gives Trendspek the ability to offer asset owners turn-key data solutions no matter where they are located."




About InView Assets

InView is a prop-tech enterprise that produce high-precision, asset-grade inspectable reality twins of infrastructure and landscapes. They enable exceptional data intelligence for quicker safer and more sustainable remote asset understanding.

As a trusted RICS Tech Partner, their innovative technology provides a range of outputs and opportunities for companies involved in asset ownership, management and development – across the entire building lifecycle. They offer 3D precision reality twins (PRT’s) CAD & BIM outputs, 2D & 2.5D photogrammetry, thermal imagery and high-tech surface deflection analysis.

InView Assets deliver exceptionally high-quality data capture to range of nationwide institutionsand organisations - housing associations, universities, schools, airports and national heritage.

David Holmes

David Holmes, Director of InView Assets

“We are delighted about working more closely with Trendspek and the future opportunities this will provide both organisations."

About Trendspek

Trendspek is the world’s leading Precision Asset Intelligence software that gives asset owners, engineers and investors the power to virtually inspect and monitor large-scale infrastructure safely, securely and remotely.

Launched 2018 as a solution to ageing assets, resource shortages and increasing compliance measures, Trendspek empowers you to collaborate, plan and manage assets from anywhere in the world to minimise risk and maximise certainty.



Want to join the Trendspek Capture Provider network?

If your organisation has demonstrated photogrammetry experience, please enter your details below and one of our team will get back to you. In the mean time, you can download our Capture Guide for guidance and best practices on enterprise drone capture missions.