Wed Nov 29, Sydney

We're excited to launch Trendspek 2.0, a significant upgrade to our platform that brings you a host of powerful new improvements.

Trendspek 2.0 is not just an upgrade: it's a revolution.

With Trendspek 2.0, we’re empowering you to unlock the full potential of your data and set the foundation for the next 5-10 years of features and capabilities.

We’ve overhauled the dataset page and annotation tools to allow you the most powerful view of your assets yet, down to the millimetre.

We’ve also introduced Templates to optimise your reporting workflows and asset management, and built powerful new features including Surface Deflection and Cross Section Analysis.

“Trendspek is a collaborative platform, built to be easy to use by any stakeholder, from the boardroom to the toolbox," says Derek Feebrey, CEO of Trendspek. "We're allowing all different types of asset stakeholders to now access a single source of information online, and not have to go on site," says Derek Feebrey, CEO of Trendspek.

"The big difference in using a Trendspek Precision Reality Twin is that the user has access to the complete exterior of that asset, and no longer has to rely on elevated work platforms, rope access, only to do a representative inspection. They have the whole amount of information, all from their desk."

For existing users, you can learn more about key changes in Trendspek 2.0 here

✅  An easier user interface

We’ve redesigned our platform UI and architecture from the ground-up to be even easier to use, for every kind of user.

Drawn from 40+ years of developer experience, we’ve combined a best-of-breed tech stack with cutting-edge user interface designs to make Trendspek safer, securer and simpler.

Trendspek 2.0 provides a better theme experience, as well as future features like dark mode and foreign language support.

🚀 Faster load times

In 2.0, the user experience is lightning fast, powered by an in-browser database to radically speed up page load times and reduce lag for the end user.

This modern technology reduces the need for web traffic to power Trendspek for day-to-day use, giving you a faster and more optimised platform experience.

"This also means that Trendspek 2.0 is extremely scalable, and sets the foundation for future offline-first functionality," says Josh Sinclair, Head of Product.

⚡ Key improvements and new features

With rapidly faster page load times and more detail than ever before, we can't wait for you to dive in. Read on to learn more about some of the the biggest improvements in Trendspek 2.0

1. Surface Deflection Tool

This tool helps you to effortlessly visualise deflection on a surface, such as a roof, using heat maps.

Powered by two algorithms, these visualisations will help you to determine any deviations on a surface to get the most value from your data.

"This tool helps you to answer questions such as: 'How much is that roof sagging? Is that concrete slab deflected in the middle?' You can autoconvert thousands of data points to produce a visualisation that quantifies the deflection with precise measurements," says Josh Sinclair, Head of Product.

Using the Drawing Tools, simply outline and measure each plane and click 'Calculate' to create a Surface Deflection visualisation.

Learn more about Surface Detection Tool

2. Cross Section Tool

You asked for it, so we built it. With this powerful new tool, you can analyse the cross section profiles of your models in just a few clicks.

Begin with a line annotation and choose ‘Cross Section’ to turn the line into a measurement. You'll then see a graph where the blue line represents the profile of the point, and the orange line represents the profile of the actual mesh surface.

This data can be exported to CSV for further analysis offline.

Learn more about Cross Section Tool

3. Clipping Box Tool

If you're working in an area with limited internet coverage, you can isolate and zoom into a specific section of your asset to speed up load times, or perform deeper analysis without needing to navigate around the whole model.

Resize the cube, drag the edges or move the clipping box as required.

This feature is especially useful for cell towers, antennas, and more intricate structures.

4. Annotation Panel for full context

To empower customers performing up to 1,000 annotations for just one model, we’ve upgraded Annotation Panels, Cards and Lists to be more performant across multiple datasets.

“Considering the vast amount of varied data that our users wanted to bring into the system, the new Annotation Panel is now much more scalable, and able to provide you full context of your annotation data,” says Josh Sinclair, Head of Product.

Combined with a Right Click context menu for drawing, links and photos, accessing every detail of your asset is now unified.

Click any markup on the model to open the Annotation Panel to explore Tabs like:

  • Overview
  • Drawings
  • Data
  • Images
  • Files
  • Discussions
  • History

You can view Annotations across all models to better track defects and changes, or isolate using a new filter within the Annotation List.

Learn more about Annotation Panel

5. Templates for streamlined reporting

One of our biggest upgrades in Trendspek 2.0 is the introduction of Templates, enabling new levels of flexibility and speed when it comes to your reporting workflows.

Templates let you set and standardise custom fields to use across multiple datasets, ensuring consistency of inspection data when, for example, assessing an entire portfolio.

This also allows you to better adhere to specific criteria, such as WSCAM for ports and maritime assets, or TEEFA for tertiary institutions. Simply navigate to the Template Manager within the dashboard and customise your required fields before you begin marking up.

With Templates, spend less time on populating fields and more time gaining valuable insights from your data.

“We've developed a system where you can generate a Template for each different reporting output. Whether it's engineering, whether it's for CAPEX planning, or risk or environmental, you can customise multiple types of Templates to suit your exact reporting requirements,” says Derek Feebrey, CEO of Trendspek.

Learn more about Templates

6. New design and 24 new colours/icons

Trendspek 2.0 is governed by a ground-up new design system, Concorde, and we’ve also added 24 new colours and 24 new icons for you to build your own colour-coding systems that match your projects.

We’re also working on rolling out dark mode, which you’ll be able to use in early 2024.

7. Nested Folders for better structuring

Trendspek’s folder system has been overhauled to support nested folders, allowing you to better structure your annotation data.

Now, you can drag and drop to organise folders to suit project requirements and locate key Annotations easier.

“This is one of our key improvements," says Derek. "Now, you can manage vast volumes of Annotation Cards within a folder and structure it the way that you need to work, your way."

Learn more about Nested Folders

8. Right Click context menu

We've built Right Click context menus for improved sharing and accessibility with stakeholders, allowing you be nimble with the information you share.

Right Click to copy and paste a link to go to a specific tab, or quickly share something with one of your team members.

The Photo Browser can also be accessed with a Right Click, and pulls relevant images to the spot that you want to look at.

Learn more about Right Click context menu

🔒 Advanced testing and security

Our software now has full test coverage from day one, ensuring a smooth and reliable product.

You can trust Trendspek 2.0 to deliver a stable and dependable experience while keeping your data safe with triple ISO certification, SOC2 Type 1 and GDPR compliance.

“One big key that Trendspek has always focused on - and has always been the core of what we do - is our information and data security," says Derek Feebrey.

"Not only are we independently audited for multiple compliances, whether it's ISO 27001 for Information Security or ISO 27701 for Privacy, we also recently included SOC2 Type 1 and are committed to being GDPR compliant. We understand that your data, and the security of that information, is paramount. That's why Trendspek invests so much in this department."

Learn more about our Security

⏯️ Replay our virtual webinar launch

Join us as we walk through key improvements and new features included in Trendspek 2.0.

About Trendspek

Trendspek delivers Precision Asset Intelligence (PAI): a cloud-based platform that creates exact 3D digital models of buildings and infrastructure to enable accurate visual inspections, customised interactive reports and collaborative workflows with stakeholders anywhere in the world.

Trendspek enables reliable record keeping, efficiency, lowered costs and improved safety by reducing the need for dangerous site visits or inspections from a height, and reduces carbon emissions associated with collecting condition data from facilities.

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