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Drone Capture Checklist

From the right camera resolution to post-flight checks, master your aerial drone capture every time with Trendspek's step-by-step checklist.


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You've come back from the project site after completing your aerial drone survey, only to go to upload the data and realise you had the wrong white balance set, or the wrong camera resolution, or that parts of the asset are missing...

With Trendspek's Capture Checklist, make inconsistent data captures a thing of the past to drive greater efficiencies for the client, and for your team.

Put together with pro tips from leading enterprise drone pilots, Trendspek's Capture Checklist helps ensure optimal captures every time while meeting industry-leading compliance criteria.

Get your free copy of Trendspek's Capture Guide for more pro tips.

Our comprehensive Capture Guide covers everything you need to know to accomplish an optimal drone capture, including:

  • Resolution
  • Camera selection and settings
  • Pre and post drone flight tips
  • Asset-specific capture tips
  • Bulk photo editing