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Celebrating International Women’s Day with Trendspek


Meet the women of Trendspek

Fiona-pngFiona Church, Co-Founder and COO

As a founder of Trendspek, I am a creator of chaos, a shoulder to cry on, and a circus performer with many balls in the air! I work with our two co-founders, Derek and Mitch, to run the company.

Alana-pngAlana Flack, Head of Delivery

I’m all things Delivery, I support our sales team with service capabilities for enterprise clients, whether that’s finding the right drone pilot specialised in photogrammetry and the type of asset or the correct engineer.

AnuAnu Subba, Head of Customer Success

My focus is on championing the customer to drive customer satisfaction, product adoption and implement customer-centric strategies that are aligned with our business goals.

MirandaMiranda Freeman, Head of Marketing

I share our brand story and weave words, images, visuals and brand ethos into compelling content to spark intrigue, and for you to learn what we’re all about.

AihraAihra Mae de Guzman, Web Developer and PH Team Manager

I build bridges between our teams in the Philippines and Australia, ensuring seamless collaboration and nurturing our PH-based talents. I'm also a Frontend Designer and Developer, crafting sleek interfaces with intuitive UX/UI.

MJMJ Bernabe, Security Analyst

Picture me as the cybersecurity guard who keeps your data safe. From identifying risks to implementing security controls. I'm your go-to specialist for keeping data safe, preventing hackers, and safeguarding our organisation.

MandaManda Kosmas, Account Executive

My role as Account Executive is to help customers transform their property inspections, from traditional to digital. I’m also the social committee manager.

NataliaNatalia Remo, Marketing Coordinator

As Trendspek’s Marketing Coordinator, no work day is ever the same. I craft the words and visuals to share the story of Trendspek for our audiences to learn and engage with.


Our mission to do things differently

Trendspek is a leading 3D asset management software for digital inspections, reporting, planning and monitoring, founded in 2018 by Derek Feebrey, Fiona Church and Mitch Deam.

From its inception, Trendspek has embodied a commitment to diversity and inclusivity. At the forefront is Fiona Church, our co-founder and Chief Operating Officer.

Having begun her career as a commercial airline pilot, in an industry where just 5% of pilots are women, Fiona has long been breaking barriers. Her leadership inspires not only within Trendspek, but also into broader networks through her close collaboration with initiatives like Apropela to foster career growth for women in the tech industry.

Fiona-pngFiona Church, Co-Founder and COO of Trendspek:

Starting our first business Hoverscape, and then ultimately Trendspek, was the biggest plot twist for my career — I would have never imagined that I would leave a flying career to become a tech entrepreneur! Facing so many challenges throughout the growth of each business has been transformative and has taught me that grit, resilience and learning to work effectively as a team is more important than any individual skill or talent you could possess.

Trendspek’s commitment to representation extends beyond leadership, permeating every aspect of our culture.

Today, women just make up 31% of those employed in technology in Australia. At Trendspek, we’re proud to achieve well beyond that statistic with 50% of our leadership team comprised of women.

Aihra Mae De Guzman, Web Developer and PH Team Manager says:

“When I meet people outside work, they are surprised that I'm a Developer. There's still this perception that tech roles are predominantly held by men, and this holds true even within my team where the majority are male.”

Trendspek’s flat structure amplifies the voices of women and champions their contributions, supporting them to achieve their full potential within our workplace, and the wider industry.

Manda Kosmas, Account Executive says:

“Our leaders are accessible and approachable. We feel like we’re all an equal part of the team and can make an impact."

trendspek-blog-introducing-trendspek-2-0-2024.jpg (1)


Being people-first

At the core of Trendspek’s culture is a people-first policy and a commitment to creating a diverse, inclusive and equitable workplace.

As a hybrid company with a global team, we believe in providing a platform for all employees to champion different perspectives, new ideas and evolved approaches.

Through flexible working arrangements and a supportive culture, we can empower our people to achieve work-life balance.

With offices in Sydney and the Phillipines, we encourage our team to set their contact hours to suit life arrangements, fostering autonomy and allowing all people to work with us.

This has created a positive morale across all functions of Trendspek.

Alana Flack, Head of Delivery, describes Trendspek as:

“Feeling like home, the place where you can be unapologetically you and have unconditional love.”

Aihra-1Aihra Mae de Guzman, PH Team Manager at Trendspek:

One of the reasons why I enjoy working at Trendspek is how they promote inclusivity, collaboration, and employee well-being. Trendspek treats its employees as equals, valuing their contributions and fostering a culture of mutual respect. There's a strong sense of teamwork, with everyone always ready to lend a helping hand whenever someone faces challenges. This creates a supportive and positive work environment where every team member's voice is heard and valued.

We also champion and support causes that our people believe in by joining together for company-wide fundraising initiatives.

So far, we’ve supported organisations such as RUOK, The Push Up Challenge, RSPCA, One Foot Forward, and group blood donations, amongst others.

As we celebrate International Women's Day, it is important that we recognise not just the transformative power of women's leadership but all representation in the workplace to foster a culture of diversity, inclusivity, and social responsibility.

Miranda-1Miranda Freeman, Head of Marketing:

"We hold a quarterly Town Hall to provide a space for everyone to have their voice heard, raise concerns, or show off their best work. We continue to make strides with inclusive team-building workshops, and collaborate closely with clients to help them upskill. Fostering community will always be a priority for us."

What initiatives are essential for diversity and inclusion?

“I think the recruitment and hiring process should be deliberate and measured for every role. Candidates that represent minorities, different backgrounds, and different life experiences need to be seen and heard to get a well-rounded person in every role. I also think day-to-day conversations help keep things like diversity in the front of mind, once the hype of IWD quiets down and we go back to business as usual," says Manda.

Website  Trendspek Precision Asset Intelligence Software for Asset Inspection and Management (1200 × 627px)

"I believe creating spaces for open dialogue and listening sessions where employees can share their experiences can help foster empathy and understanding among colleagues. This can make any individual feel the more inclusive culture where everyone feels supported and respected," says MJ.

"Nurturing an environment where inclusive hiring is championed is critical to advance diversity, ensuring that we are not heavily biased in genders across departments," says Anu

"Education and awareness around unconscious bias is very important, so at least everyone in the team can be cognisant on when and how unconscious bias might be affecting decision making especially in hiring and promoting," says Fiona.

How we created our 3D model of Trendspek's team

We couldn't create something for IWD24 without flexing our Precision Asset Intelligence platform, could we!

  • Capture time: 2 mins
  • LiDAR Point Cloud produced: 30 mins
  • 3D PRT Model produced: 1 hour

Total project completed in 1 hour, 32 minutes.

Untitled design (6)

Reality capture

Assembling in the lobby of our Sydney office, we stood as still as possible for the capture.

Using a Sony A7 camera, we went around in three circles to capture a series of high-quality 4K images.


Uploading photos

These images were then batch-uploaded to our Processing team.


Point Cloud produced

Within 30 minutes, we had a LiDAR Point Cloud created for the model.


Processing into PRT model

Our Processing team next stitched together the data into a 3D Precision Reality Twin with sub-zoom capabilities. 


Completed interactive 3D model

Logging into the Trendspek platform 1-hour later, we had a fully interactive, 3D Precision Reality Twin model of our team to zoom into, orbit around and annotate on!


Learn more about how we process data into 3D Precision Reality Twins within our platform.

From all of us, happy International Women's Day!