Preferred Capture Provider: Hoverscape

5 February 2024

Trendspek has partnered with Hoverscape as part of our Preferred Capture Provider network to deliver the highest standards of enterprise-level reality capture across industries.

Trendspek’s Preferred Capture Provider network consists of enterprise-level capture specialists who meet CASA-approved requirements and specifications across drone piloting and photogrammetry.

Mitch Deam, Co-Founder and Director at Trendspek says:

"As drones are still widely an "off the shelf" industry, it's crucial to work alongside trusted manufacturers that operate with the highest standards to ensure safe, accurate and secure drone capture."

About Hoverscape

Hoverscape is Australia’s premier drone data provider, providing you with a deeper knowledge of your assets to empower you to manage them more efficiently.

Hoverscape provide asset and infrastructure professionals with the most actionable drone data on the market, by ensuring that data is not just captured, but is presented in the most digestible way possible.

Founded by airline pilots with extensive knowledge of aviation regulations and safety protocols, Hoverscape operate with stringent safety systems, work practices and a strong culture of safety.

Danny Elassad, Chief Remote Pilot at Hoverscape says:

"Hoverscape takes flight as one of the preferred drone data capture provider for Trendspek. This tick of approval will provide our clients with assurance of quality in our craftsmanship and attention to detail."

About Trendspek

Trendspek is leading a revolution of asset management with its innovative 3D software solution, empowering industry leaders, asset owners and engineers with the ability to digitally inspect infrastructure and streamline their full asset lifecycle.

Transform hundreds of thousands of data points into interactive 3D models to safely audit, collaborate and report on your assets to minimise risk and maximise lifespan — all without leaving your desk.

Want to join Trendspek's Capture Provider network?

If your organisation has demonstrated photogrammetry experience, please enter your details below and one of our team will get back to you. In the mean time, you can download our Capture Guide for guidance and best practices on enterprise drone capture missions.