Trendspek joins ARIAM Hub to develop solutions for visually challenging assets

Trendspek has joined ARIAM Research Hub to collaborate on a three-year program of research into infrastructure modelling for visually challenging aspects, such as glass facades, windows, water, and other reflective materials.

The project seeks to advance the field of computer vision in difficult environments and develop new capabilities for autonomous intelligent robotic systems for asset inspection and management, such as developing robots that can inspect assets in real-time to provide a digital twin.

We spoke with Dr. Don Dansereau from ARIAM Hub about the partnership and the future of AI in infrastructure.

How will ARIAM Hub and Trendspek work together to research solutions for visually challenging assets?

The immediate focus is a three-year program improving imaging of assets with reflective surfaces: glass windows, water and other reflective materials. The approach will consider the physics of image formation and representations capable of handling high-dimensional ray-based appearance, enabling existing toolchains to cope with reflective objects.

We'll use Trendspek's wealth of knowledge and insights to identify and propose practical solutions to the deep challenges underlying this problem.

What emerging AI systems can the infrastructure industry look to benefit from?

Intelligent systems are poised to play a critical role, particularly in countries like Australia with extensive and ageing infrastructure and a relatively small workforce to maintain it.

ARIAM is working towards automating aspects of understanding and maintaining these assets, both with physically embodied platforms that measure and interact with the world, and in the behind-the-scenes smarts that identify and understand changes and maintenance needs over time.

“What struck me is the level of fidelity and responsiveness of Trendspek, even when faced with massive, highly-detailed assets. It feels like something from the future, and I look forward to making it even better."

- Dr. Donald Dansereau, ARIAM Research Hub

Why is it important for Universities and industry parties to partner on this research?

Relevant and impactful research happens best when experts from the front line of industry work with academics with access to deep knowledge and researchers eager to solve challenging problems. The two can work together to identify and solve deep and practical problems that would not otherwise be addressed.

What inspires you about Trendspek's Precision Reality Twin technology?

What struck me most is the level of fidelity and responsiveness of Trendspek's technology, even when faced with massive and highly detailed assets. It feels like something from the future, and I look forward to helping make it even better.

There have been mixed opinions on the rise of AI. What impact do you think AI will have on infrastructure in the next 10 years?

AI's impacts have been different from our expectations, and in the next 10 years I suspect that trend to continue. For example, learning institutions are rapidly adapting to students having access to powerful AI tools, and society as a whole is raising important questions about the relationship between AI and humanity.

I view AI as a tool that we wield, calling for both optimism and caution. While there is extensive potential for misuse, responsibly applied AI amplifies our capacity to achieve goals driven by human purpose, motivation, and ambition.

L-R: Josh Sinclair, Bridget de Pelleport, Fiona Church, Dr. Ian Manchester, Dr. Donald Dansereau

About ARIAM Hub

ARIAM Research Hub is a world-leading research hub developing intelligent robotic systems for inspection and asset management to improve inspection, monitoring, maintenance and optimisation.

The Australian Robotic Inspection and Asset Management Hub (ARIAM) is hosted by the University of Sydney in partnership with Queensland University of Technology and the Australian National University set up by the Australian Research Council that’s looking to ensure that Australian universities are working together with industry parties in specific industries on critical technology.

About Trendspek

Trendspek is leading a revolution of asset management with its innovative 3D software solution, empowering industry leaders, asset owners and engineers with the ability to digitally uinspect infrastructure and streamline their full asset lifecycle. Transform hundreds of thousands of data points into interactive 3D models to safely audit, collaborate and report on your assets to minimise risk and maximise lifespan — all without leaving your desk.

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