Surface Deflection tools improve roof inspection speed and safety

The condition of a roof is essential to a building's structural integrity. Typically, surveyors are required to climb potentially unstable structures to identify roof defects. Trendspek digitises that process to make it safer and more cost-effective.

Using the power of drone aerial surveys, tens of thousands of images are processed by Trendspek's platform into Precision Reality Twins, or exact 3D replicas with detail down to 1mm. Surveyors can zoom into the models to identify, markup and annotate any damage.

This annotation data is used to create comprehensive condition assessments to help asset owners make informed decisions about maintenance, and better allocate resources.

Using Roof Deflection tool, you can:

Markup, model and monitor on screen

Directly draw on the 3D model to mark up any defects, rather than reviewing pages of PDFs with thousands of images.

Autogenerate heat maps

Advanced heat mapping allows you to identify abnormalities on a roof surface. This tool combines high-resolution drone capture into a rich 3D visual format of the entire roof surface, allowing you to determine the precise measurements of deflection across the roof’s surface. This provides a thorough examination of the roof’s condition, even in hard-to-reach areas.

Conduct advanced analysis

Trendspek draws upon tens of thousands of data points to produce a high-resolution 3D visualisation of your roof. Kickstart analysis with a click while navigating your model.

Generate interactive reports

Generate detailed condition reports with a click to share with stakeholders to streamline maintenance planning. Available in both traditional PDF and interactive formats.

Reduce costs

Trendspek removes the need for a team of surveyors and heavy equipment on the roof for several days. Precision Reality Twins provide a down-to-the-millimetre visualisation of the roof that can be accessed from any web browser, any time, significantly reducing resourcing costs.

Case study: PGIM Real Estate

PGIM Real Estate Executive Director Andrew Neary and his team first put Trendspek to the test in 2020, and have been using it ever since.

"We're using Trendspek because of its thoroughness, accuracy and the speed it lends to the due diligence process.

Before, we’d have a team of abseilers but now, we have one drone operator and we can capture a substantial building in less than a day."

Read the case study.

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