Product Release: Capture Analysis for more complete 3D capture

Announcing our newest product release: Capture Analysis

This tool lets you see if you've captured your whole asset and checks your capture coverage, leading to improved accuracy and better 3D models without needing to make repeat site visits.

You can start using Capture Analysis now via the left-hand panel on the Trendspek dashboard.

Why did we build this?

So you can hear the magic words: “No recapture required”.

Let’s say you’re a Capture Partner who drives 90 minutes to spend 6 hours on-site collecting 10,000 images of a building. You return to the office and upload the data to Trendspek. Once the data has been processed, you realise that an entire facade has been overlooked whilst on-site. You must then return to the site and recapture the missing data, which is costly, inefficient and inconvenient for you and the asset owner.

An example where Capture Analysis would have helped. Portions of the capture (or upload) are missing, leading to an inconsistent 3D model. With Capture Analysis , you can quickly upload images while on-site to make sure every corner is captured.

With Trendspek’s Capture Analysis, you'll be able to see your asset from every angle with complete, consistent data.

By using this on-site, Capture Partners can identify any data gaps in real-time making it easier to recapture any missing data promptly.

All the analysis takes place in your browser and no data is uploaded to Trendspek. If the page is preloaded, this tool can be used offline on remote sites.

How will this benefit you?

By using this tool on-site, Capture Partners can identify any data gaps in real-time, making it easier to recapture any missing data promptly.

Where in the platform is this?

It is accessible to all users via the left-hand menu on the dashboard.

Who can use it?

Capture Partners uploading imagery into Trendspek’s platform. Currently, Capture Analysis only supports imagery captured with DJI and Skydio drones.

Watch how it works

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