How emerging technology is making roof inspections safer

Proptech and Insurtech advancements have been steadily revolutionising the real estate sector. One of the areas experiencing remarkable improvement is roofing technology to make inspections safer and more efficient.

Traditionally, conducting roof inspections has been dangerous, time-consuming and not always accurate. Most roof inspections require inspectors to scale tall building and spend hours trying to document all the information they can, usually with pen and paper and their camera phone. Given the expanse of the roof infrastructure, identifying small details such as hairline cracks, leaks and weak spots that can compromise a building’s integrity is not always accurate.

After several days, the inspector then needs to organise and manage the thousands of images and information to generate a written PDF report.

Unfortunately, these reports have often lacked consistency due to the multitude of variables involved in the process. Consequently, interpreting data, making accurate assessments, and providing recommendations for repeat inspections has proved challenging.

Enter drones and Precision Reality Twins (PRT) — a breakthrough in roofing inspections and digital twin technology.

What are the advantages of Precision Reality Twins?

This innovation powered by Trendspek is allowing inspectors to process thousands of images into highly detailed, interactive 3D models within a matter of hours after data collection.

The true advantage of drone-enabled data collection is the rapid transformation of raw data into a fully-fledged PRT.

This process takes mere hours, and the resulting information is seamlessly integrated into Trendspek's Asset Intelligence software, enabling effortless viewing, inspection, measurement, annotation, and collaboration among teams.

Precision Asset Intelligence (PAI) takes the benefits a step further, combining detailed 3D models with cloud-based instant collaboration and interactive reporting. This integration empowers teams to make critical, time-sensitive decisions promptly, from anywhere in the world, from the comfort of their office or home setup.

Given its cost-effectiveness and reduced human risk, PAI is rapidly gaining traction in building inspections and asset management.

Using Trendspek to conduct roof inspections in 2x speed

Key outcomes of PRT technology

  • Roof surveys completed up to 90% faster and up to 50% more cost-effectively, vs. traditional physical inspection
  • Reduced site visits and lowered labour costs
  • Interactive reporting allows for smarter, strategic decisions to be made around CAPEX plans
  • Stakeholders empowered with data to prioritise funding to critical assets and accurately forecast CAPEX speed

Case study: PGIM Real Estate

PGIM Real Estate first put Trendspek to the test in 2020, and have been using it ever since. Leveraging our software solution, they captured a 150-year-old heritage facade in under 1 hour and saved 67% on inspection costs.

“The way it has always been done is not always the best way. Trendspek’s benefits are so obvious - you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see the benefits of it," says Andrew Neary, Executive Director of PGIM Real Estate.

"Physical inspections of our existing portfolio of assets can, for example, allow us to consider putting solar panels on a roof and what the implications might be. We can use Trendspek to see the roof, to measure angles, to identify defects or sagging."

Ready to be empowered? Learn how Trendspek's Precision Asset Intelligence can elevate your business by booking a free demo with us.

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