Trendspek introduces discussions

Leverage Trendspek’s new Discussions suite across drone-data driven Precision Reality Twins for vastly improved collaboration on built assets and infrastructure management

Trendspek – the world leading drone data visualisation platform for built assets and infrastructure – today unveils Discussions for real-time communication and true online collaboration.

The foundation for managing any built asset is quality information – the more timely, accurate and shareable the better.

Typically, huge volumes of paperwork accumulate on each project. Enormous amounts of time are spent – per employee – preparing reports, organising schedules, writing work orders, reading reports, sorting through historical images and notes, and sharing those with contractors, colleagues, directors and stakeholders. Other information that is shared verbally, or via phone calls, is typically not documented and so easily evaporates from record.

Then consider the wasted time searching for mislaid documents, blueprints, imagery and insights. Lost information can lead to mistakes, rework, cost overruns. When multiplied out across the workforce and again across an organisation’s portfolio of assets, the time loss and risk escalation becomes incalculable. Given the size of many assets and project areas, it used to take teams months to gather information on a large site manually, by which point it is already out of date. As a result, traditionally-gathered data is unreliable for decision-makers.

A more efficient and effective means of updating and communicating site activity and project progress is essential.

Today, Trendspek releases its completely new Discussions feature. After redeveloping and retooling the initial communications toolkit from the ground up, users can now collaborate in real-time with co-workers on assets and projects. Finally, there is a faster, smarter, more reliable way to harness the power of information to improve productivity.

Discussions can be asset-wide, or specific to a point of interest. Members of a work-team can collaborate and report when defects have been repaired, or discuss any other irregularities found on a worksite. Users can make notes and annotations for contractors, other teams and departments to access seamlessly, and in context with designs and the site. As new data is collected, the Digital Twin model is quickly updated, giving all team members real-time access to the latest 3D version.

Like the instant messaging software familiar to smartphone users, new messages and notifications in Discussions appear automatically, and can be marked up, saved and responded to as users determine appropriate. Conversations are encrypted and saved securely for a historical record of project progress.

With Discussions now live, vital collaboration and information exchange reinforce Trendspek’s value as a ‘single source of truth’.

Trendspek’s data visualisation platform is optimised so users can

  • recreate reality using drone capture and 3D mapping to generate precise Precision Reality Twins of built assets
  • inspect in detail using precise measurement tools and annotations to identify defects and model issues over time
  • manage asset information
    • track progress
    • triage defects and issues
    • schedule maintenance
    • plan and minimise site shutdowns
    • quickly find and filter thousands of images
    • update Precision Reality Twins using repeatable drone capture and data analysis
  • collaborate using the real-time communications suite to
    • easily share data and recommendations
    • schedule and manage workflows
    • tag and notify team members and external contractors
    • track conversations and approvals
  • report
    • collate business critical intelligence
    • forecast operational expenditure
    • determine capital investment requirements
    • produce presentation ready PDFs with ease
    • generate executive reports with one click

Try the New Discussions today.

This functionality set is available in Trendspek today. If you’re interested to see Trendspek in action and find out how Discussions can help teams collaborate across assets, request a free trial by clicking this link.

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