Precision Reality Twins in action - 5 Different Use Cases

Precision Reality Twins in action - 5 Different Use Cases

As we continue our 3-part story on revolutionising digital twins for the asset management industry, we answer the question ‘what are Precision Reality Twins, and how is it different from conventional digital twins?’

First introduced by Trendspek, in 2021, this new category and the criteria associated with it, is designed to motivate a technology industry that was satisfied with digital twins for asset management, to aim higher and deliver better outcomes.

It demands technology product designers consider the intricate and crucial needs of the asset management industry, to provide platforms that drive safety, deliver accuracy, and empower certainty.

Capitalising on improved, modern capture methods and greater processing power, those tens-of-thousands of data points (images) are transformed into the world’s most detailed asset models, accurate to the millimetre.

Three dimensional and completely interactive, models are hosted in secure- cloud-based storage enabling stakeholders from around the globe to collaborate in real-time, mark up, measure and annotate.

To see Precision Reality Twins in action, check out our many case studies in various industries that make excellent use of PRT’s extensive capabilities:

1. White Bay Power Station

This Precision Reality Twin of Sydney’s historic White Bay Power Station, was captured in just a few days for CBRE, giving them the detail they needed to plan asset repairs and restoration.

2. Hobart Water Works

Commissioned by Fulcrum, the Hobart Water Works project enables critical maintenance and allows for immediate risk mitigation decisions.

3. Queen Street, Brisbane

Captured in just four hours, this Precision Reality Twin for PGIM Real Estate, helps the company determine if a potential purchase will deliver the desired return.

4. Telecom infrastructure Site Planning

Safely conduct a detailed site survey of the planned location of your telco infrastructure, including difficult-to-reach rooftop or building locations, to inform the application process and installation.

Once installed, visually inspect the new telco infrastructure to ensure compliance with strict government regulations and standards.

5. Industrial Infrastructure Inspections with Infracorr

In the investigation of large structures that have started to deteriorate, PRT is able to minimise capture time of large structures and produce high fidelity imaging and outputs allowing Infracorr to identify and tag every visible defect and know exactly where it is.

It is clear that asset managers, like professionals in almost any other industry, are now much more highly-scrutinised and laws are designed to protect their customers from their incorrect decisions or guidance. To be able to collect more data and use it more efficiently and effectively is crucial to integrity and to success.

Precision Reality Twins enable accurate zoom to sub-millimetre detail, unlimited 360-degree movement around the asset, and a complete picture, in full context, of every façade and feature.

In the 3rd and final instalment of this blog series, we explore why there has been a greater demand for safer, more accurate and more efficient asset inspections and management. And how has Precision Reality Twins meeting safety and regulatory requirements.


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