NEW Query Builder - Laying the Foundation for Reporting and Collaboration


NEW Query Builder - Laying the Foundation for Reporting and Collaboration

NEW Query Builder - Laying the Foundation for Reporting and Collaboration

As part of our regular usability improvements to Trendspek's Precision Asset Intelligence (PAI) software, we regularly release changes and updates based directly on our client's feedback so that they can use our applications more efficiently.


Recently, we completed a significant update on how we create and manage reports. Our new Query Builder is an exciting new feature that will be foundational to the future of reporting in Trendspek.

With Query Builder, you can create your own reports in a spreadsheet-style view of your annotation data and markups. From here, you can:

  • Change the sort order, for example, by severity.
  • Toggle column visibility to suit your needs. For example, hide the "created by" column.
  • Query your data using the new filtering system. This allows you to stack criteria (as seen in the image, narrowing down their data to only what you need to see)

Query Builder is flexible and customisable; better yet, you can export your findings directly to Excel.

Another critical thing to note is that the data is tied directly to Precision Reality Twin (PRT). Simply click on a row to immediately "fly" directly to the PRT with the annotation card open, ready to add further detail. This is a great new feature for collaboration, and we're excited to see how all our users will maximise its use.

Along with this big new feature release, we have several "quality of life" updates to help our users take full advantage.

  • Surface Deflection Visualisation - an exciting new feature that's now available to select users and being utilised by several clients. More information on this feature is coming soon!
  • Touch inputs are now supported so that Trendspek can now be used on tablets and phones.
  • New Drawing Visibility Viewer setting allows drawing visibility to be tweaked on the fly.
  • Some improvements to the History tab within the annotation card. Severity ID values will no longer be displayed for newly created annotations.
  • Some interface design changes and updates

We are constantly looking for new ways to make data management, collaboration and reporting easier and more efficient for our users, who have been very vocal about their feature requests and requirements. Keep an eye out for more updates and release notes on our blog and website.

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