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In-app notifications to keep on top of your assets

We’ve launched in-app and email notifications to keep Trendspek users informed about significant events relating to their assets, such as the creation of an annotation or a new message in a discussion.

What are the key features?

  • Be immediately informed about any critical issues, the condition of your asset, or when a new asset is ready for assessment without having to seek this out in the platform.
  • Notifications will be visible on the dashboard as soon as you log in.
  • Action problems faster by informing all asset participants on a data set with new messages.
  • Opt-in to notifications and set your desired frequency.

Why did we make this update?

We know collaboration is key to actioning problems fast when it comes to your assets.

With Trendspek’s in-app notifications, you’ll have increased visibility on any potential issues and be able to collaborate and action problems faster.

Notifications are now available for all Trendspek users.

See notifications in action:

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