Advancements in RoofTech Makes Roof Inspections Safer and More Efficient

It’s certainly no secret that technology is having a significant impact on almost every facet of industrial and commercial real estate. One area that’s seeing a great deal of improvement is roofing.

Roof inspections are inherently dangerous and time-consuming. Inspectors must scale tall buildings and cover potentially weak structures to check for the smallest issues, such as cracks, leaks and weak spots that can compromise a building’s integrity.

Trendspek%20Precision%20Asset%20Intelligence%20Software%20Social%20Media%20%20%284%29 Find out more about Precision Reality Twins and Precision Asset Intelligence for roofing inspections

Drones, empowered by Precision Reality Twins, are changing the game when it comes to roof inspections, making them safer and more efficient for real estate owners, engineers and construction companies worldwide.

Today, most roofing inspections require inspectors to scale expansive buildings and work hours trying to document all the information they can regarding the state of the roof infrastructure, most often using pen and paper and their camera phone.

After several days, the inspector needs to organise and manage the thousands of images and information to generate a written pdf report.

These reports typically lack consistency because of the many variables and “hands” working on the task, making data harder to interpret and making recommendations and assessments less accurate on repeat inspection reports.

On the other hand, Precision Reality Twins (PRT) - the latest innovation in roofing inspections and digital twin technology - can deliver the most detailed 3D models within a few hours of collecting data. PRT's enable inspectors to see the smallest cracks via their web browser from the office or home.

The benefit of data collection vis drone means that data gets processed into a PRT in hours and made live within Trendspek’s Asset Intelligence software to easily view, inspect, measure, annotate and collaborate across your team.

Precision Asset Intelligence (PAI) combines the most detailed 3D models globally with instant collaboration via the cloud and interactive reporting so you and your team can make crucial, time-sensitive decisions immediately.

PAI is growing even more popular in building inspections and asset management because of its cost efficiency and reduced human risk.

Click here for an in-depth look at how Precision Reality Twins and Precision Asset Intelligence can work for your business and industry.

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