Trendspek and Osprey Integrity get set to soar in Canada

In 2022, as Precision Asset Intelligence (PAI) software becomes the global gold standard for asset management, Trendspek is joining forces with leading Canadian aerial inspection firm, Osprey Integrity, to introduce a game-changing approach to asset assessment and reporting.

Announcing the partnership in October, Osprey will bring its combined aviation and Non-Destructive Testing skillset to Trendspek’s world-first PAI software, to streamline the production of highly-detailed inspection reporting.

“Asset inspection has come an incredibly long way in just a few years,” said Derek Feebrey, CEO of Trendspek. “We’ve moved from people dangling at dangerous heights, to drones capturing more data than any system could manage, and finally, to PAI that makes that data truly valuable.”

Trendspek’s PAI platform processes the hundreds of thousands of data points that can be captured by drones, and transforms them into highly-detailed, interactive 3D Precision Reality Twins. Supported by a cloud-based and ISO certified secure collaborative space, stakeholders from around the world can unite online to mark up, measure and review the models, working together in real-time. The capture of the vast volumes of data required to create the models, is powered by Osprey Integrity’s technology and team.

“Osprey has always been focused on delivering engineering-grade, truly informative and accurate reports,” said CEO, Courtland Penk. “We’ve been fortunate to see our business expand, even through Covid, as demand has increased for detailed, situationally aware, inspection summaries of remotely- captured data. I think we owe this success to our commitment to operating on the cutting, if not bleeding, edge. It’s for this reason that we have most recently invested in operation of the Voliro Airborne Robotics NDT drone, Voliro-T, and have been looking for innovative, well-tailored, software that’s ready to help us drive the paradigm shift that industry is poised for.”

“Trendspek is able to process the significantly increased volume of data rapidly, producing high-fidelity models within hours. We can use the platform to identify and measure defects down to the millimetre, and produce robust reports, supported by a marked-up, interactive model that presents our findings in full context.”

Osprey has developed inspection reports for clients from Cenovus Energy and Plains Midstream Canada, to Canadian Natural Resources and BC Hydro. Although traditional PDF reports are still the primary delivery method of inspection results, they have started to see increasing interest, and investment, from stakeholders in transitioning to cloud-based, interactive, reports. These more innovative reports can be used to clearly and concisely communicate findings with anyone, with unprecedented efficiency.

“We always keep our eyes 12 or 18 months down the track in terms of technology,” said Courtland. “In my opinion, Trendspek is already changing the game, and in the future, as we are able to better leverage the data captured by Voliro’s specialist NDT airframe, we will deliver reports the world has never seen before, using increasingly automated and streamlined workflows.”

“The hardware had advanced so rapidly, and software just wasn’t keeping up – now we not only have a platform that can keep up in Trendspek’s PAI, we also have a partner that is as committed to innovation and remaining on the bleeding-edge, as we are.”

The rapid growth of ESG policy-making has been a driving force in the development both of software and hardware in the field. As large companies have been required to focus more on their footprint, environmentally and socially, and implement greater transparency and clear governance, technology has played a crucial role in compliance and reputation management.

“Between Osprey and Trendspek, we improve safety notably, by eliminating the need for most people to be on site to inspect an asset or even to assess it in order to deliver a cost estimate for maintenance or repairs,” said Derek.

“We remove those photographers dangling dangerously, and allow people to review models from their desk, that are so detailed, it’s like they’re on site. The interactive reports introduce a level of detail that has not existed in the past, and ultimately, we are reducing both environmental and economic cost for asset owners.”

Both Trendspek and Osprey see their new partnership as just the beginning, with the two already working collaboratively on elements of Trendspek 2.0 – to be released in 2023 – that will continue to evolve the industry, and their ability to serve it in a way few, if any others can.

“Together, we will show clients in North America something they’ve never seen before and we will do it at a pace they’ve never experienced,” Courtland said.

“With our boots on the ground, capture is safe, quick and comprehensive, processing models is done by the next day at the latest, and reporting begins immediately. Rather than weeks or months just for capture, the whole process can be completed in as little as a few days. We leverage the visual nature and situational awareness of Trendspek to enable faster client decisions, and actions that are more informed than ever.”

The experienced Osprey team are experts at identifying defects, but also work by the philosophy of ‘it doesn’t have to look broken, to be wrong, or dangerous’. The level of detail within Trendspek and the capture of dedicated NDT drones enables the inspectors to closely assess asset integrity, with remote identification even of inadequate wall thicknesses, or pressure valves that may cause danger.

“Being able to inspect an asset, from anywhere, in full context – to know where a zoomed in image fits into the broader picture of the asset in its entirety, makes a big difference to all our clients. It makes the inspection easier, faster and helps engineers feel more certain about the quality reports they are delivering or reviewing,” said Derek.

Osprey will introduce Trendspek in Canada in 2022, to deliver a comprehensive and quality asset capture and assessment service.

Looking to know more about Precision Asset Intelligence, Precision Reality Twins, and how it can work for your business? Explore Trendspek today!

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