Reekoh and Trendspek: creating connection to streamline software solutions

As the leading provider of Precision Asset Intelligence software, Trendspek is dedicated to all things asset modelling and asset reporting – plus everything in between. But in order to truly empower our busy customers, we know we also have to fit into their broader asset management process – and that means connecting with their Enterprise Resource Planning software.

In 2023, Trendspek commenced an important partnership with Australian integrations innovator, Reekoh. Working with the company, it will enable simple, streamlined and effective connection between the Trendspek platform and major asset management software such as SAP, Maximo, Microsoft Dynamics, as well as customised integration for all other providers.

These days, ‘interoperability’ is a word that is uttered frequently around most inhouse IT offices of major businesses, as experts look for ways to improve the productivity of staff, minimise their supplier footprint and maximise their security.

The ability for systems, devices and even people to connect and cooperate, ‘interoperability’ is the solution to a problem so many businesses are facing – too many disparate systems that don’t talk to each other. Taking it a step further, integration allows the transportation and translation of data from these different systems, often in centralised platforms that enable insights.

Established in 2015, Reekoh is an Australian leader and global rising star in interoperability and integration for enterprise clients.

“As an enterprise software developer in 2014, working with the Internet of Things (IoT), which was rapidly growing at the time, I identified that IoT had an integration problem,” says CEO of Reekoh, Dale Rankine.

“We were seeing large organisations dealing with large fleets of software and devices, all creating different types of data, with different languages, across different networks, and they needed to bring it all together in a useful way.”

Dale founded Reekoh initially to solve that problem, and over recent years has leaned further into the industrial segment as it has become clear it can benefit immensely from harnessing the power of its data more effectively.

Data has become its own asset

The reality is, the vast volumes of data we now have access to and can actually use, have always been there. Machines have turned on and off, have logged events, have sent and received messages, producing millions and millions of records.

Until the past decade or so, however, we just couldn’t really use that data – or if we could, we didn’t really know what to do with it.

The last 10, 20 even 30 years has seen a sharp refocus from software developers, as they realised how useful that ‘big’ data is – and how interested businesses would be in finally being able to capture and use it.

As a result, there has been an absolute explosion of new solutions hit the market, not just across the industrial space, but across every sector, enabling businesses to better understand everything from their customer, to the lifecycle of their product, or in Trendspek’s case, the condition and value of their assets.

“Above and beyond anything else,” says CEO of Trendspek, Derek Feebrey, “Trendspek is a data platform – yes, it’s visual and highly interactive, but what it does is take millions of data points about an asset, and map them together graphically, as a single, detailed on-screen model. What we are doing, is taking data from a drone or a robot and turning it into something significantly more useful while giving the user complete context.”

Reekoh and Trendspek unite to enable data sharing

For most asset owners, Trendspek is just one piece of their asset management puzzle.

They use it to capture and transform asset data, so they can identify defects, make measurements, or collaborate in real time with others – all digitally, without a site visit. But when it comes to the next steps, like raising a work order, users will often leave the platform and head elsewhere.

“Every industry professional has a variety of platforms they need to use to effectively do their job,” says Derek. “Most often that’s the case because each one takes such specific, complex requirements and simplifies them considerably. In our case, we’re taking a process that used to span weeks, even months to complete, and condensing it into a couple of days or even hours, with a more accurate and useful outcome.”

“Because of this, systems that focus purely on integrating all those platforms that do specific work, are really important. They ensure someone can do what they need to do, without needing to log in and out of fifteen systems to achieve it.”

Recognising this challenge, Trendspek and Reekoh teamed up in late 2022, to run their first integration pilot – a process that would enable someone using Trendspek to make an annotation about a defect, on the model, and with the click of one button, raise a work order in Maximo.

“We built the Trendspek and Maximo pilot in less than a week. When providing a new integration for a client, we can turn it around in days.” – Dale Rankine, Reekoh

“Reekoh is the plumbing that connects Trendspek seamlessly to ERP systems like Maximo and SAP,” says Dale.

“We are integration not visualisation or storage, and we are very clear about where we start and stop. Our system is like intelligent data plumbing, ensuring the right data gets to the right people at the right time, into the applications they are already using.”

Reekoh’s ‘data pipelines’ connect the Trendspek user account to the Maximo (or other software) user account, data models and business workflows. The team has been working together to develop automated actions that meet the needs of the most common use cases (like raising a work order), so new users who sign up for the integration can get started streamlining within just a few days.

For those who need to pass stringent security requirements within their organisation, both Trendspek and Reekoh are ISO 27001 certified, and all the actions occur using the Trendspek API – this ensures stringent data protection and security processes.

Reekoh also has a dedicated cyber security team that focuses deep into the product itself, enabling multiple security layers and data transfer in encrypted formats.

“We are very pleased to offer this integration opportunity to our customers. Being able to cut down asset inspections from months to days or hours was an important goal for Trendspek; feeding those insights into their supporting systems, no matter which one they use, makes our platform a game changer.”

– Derek Feebrey, Trendspek

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