Microsoft features Trendspek in TechEmpowered web series

Since launching in 2018, Trendspek has been on a powerful trajectory of developing new innovative solutions for how organisations create, manage and utilise their asset data.

Trendspek's Precision Asset Intelligence enables you to draw on vast volumes of asset data, distilled into a user-friendly interface, to finally deliver true certainty in asset management.

Combined with interactive, high-fidelity 3D models – Precision Reality Twins – Trendspek securely empowers rapid asset capture, data processing, and interactive reporting like never before.

In the second episode of their TechEmpowered series, Microsoft’s Chief Architect Shane Baldacchino sits down with the Trendspek team to discuss:

  • What their journey was pivoting from Hoverscape to Trendspek
  • How they launched a new product category with their industry-leading software
  • How they’re helping customers eliminate the guesswork of asset management with secure, interactive reporting, and cloud collaboration

TechEmpowered Ep 2: How tech start-up Trendspek launched a revolutionary product category

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