Product release: Unlimited custom field configurations

We're excited to launch unlimited custom field configurations to foster closer collaboration and communication between our users.

Previously, we allowed users to configure two custom fields for any asset.

With this new update, a user can now configure unlimited custom fields for any one asset. The Type and Severity field are now also fully customisable.


Custom fields are no longer configured within the annotation card itself. Instead, they are configured within a dedicated Custom Field Editor. Only users with the new Customise - Custom Field permission can see Custom Field Editor.

Any user with permission to create annotation cards, will see these fields on the Data tab and also have access to the default options set in the Custom Field Editor. A user can add additional options, but they cannot add additional fields within the annotation card.

This allows a user to customise the annotation card system to suit their business, reporting requirements and existing workflows.


We are constantly looking for new ways to make data management, collaboration and reporting easier and more efficient for our users, who have been very vocal about their feature requests and requirements. Keep an eye out for more updates and release notes on our blog and website.

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