Derek Feebrey joins Proptech Association Australia for special episode on Rooftech

Despite being often neglected, managing industrial and commercial roofs has become more evident than ever due to recent weather events and climate change. Roofs are often forgotten because they are hard and potentially dangerous to access. Still, water damage and structural overloading can cost a business operation time and money and impact the health and safety of workers.

However, there have been many advances in proptech that aim to find solutions to common roofing issues, such as being able to safely and rapidly identify problems and implement maintenance procedures, all zero-touch.

In another perspective, many businesses and property owners have found great opportunities in rooftech, including asset imaging, roof deflection heat mapping and solar planning.

Interested to know more? If you are a Proptech Association Australia member, why not join our CEO Derek Feebrey along with two other panellists for the next Proptech Panel webinar episode on 22 March, Tuesday at 12:00 PM AEDT.


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