Senior Back End Developer - AU

About the job

We’re looking for a Senior Backend Developer to take us on the next stage of our journey. You’ll be working under the Head of Development alongside our Senior Frontend Developer to take care of the Trendspek application. You’ll be expected to balance the constant demands for new features with the necessity for excellence in engineering and stability, as well as the development of the team.

We’re a small, committed team that believes in quality over quantity, and values genuineness and community. We have fun together, and value work-life balance. You won’t be asked to crunch or work weekends, and you’ll have the flexibility to do your best work at your pace.

Duties and Responsibilities

You will be responsible for:

  • taking ownership of the backend of the Trendspek application
  • planning and developing new features and maintaining existing features
  • removing technical debt by rewriting inefficient code with modern best practices
  • staying relevant with best practice, and keeping other developers informed of new developments
  • maintaining and improving the developer environment and developer experience
  • updating and maintaining developer documentation

You should:

  • be able to balance priorities between the important and the urgent
  • be committed to work smarter, not harder
  • be committed to code quality
  • be able to delegate effectively
  • be able to teach and train others, including code reviews, training sessions, and ad-hoc one-to-one mentoring
  • be confident enough to speak up, and wise enough to know when to speak
  • be patient enough to pursue long-term improvement of the product
  • be willing to come into the office a few times a week to touch base in real life

Skills, Knowledge, Abilities & Attitude Required:

You should be across the following technologies:

  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • SQL (MySQL)
  • Docker
  • Jira, or other project management software
  • Linux
  • Git
  • PHPUnit, or other test software
  • AWS and/or Azure

It is helpful but not essential to be familiar with:

  • VueJS
  • Cesium JS
  • 3D Mathematics
  • DevOps
  • Auth0
  • Cloudflare

Due to the nature of working in a small but growing team the duties and responsibilities listed are not an exhaustive list. There may be times when duties and responsibilities fall outside of the above list. The company will endeavor to maintain an appropriate and current position description to meet the changing needs of the role.

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