Webinar: DJI M300 with Trendspek’s drone mapping software

Trendspek and Aeromotus UAV Dubai (DJI Enterprise Drones Partner in the MEA Region) are introducing industry-leading software Trendspek, for remote inspection, analysis and collaboration along with DJI Enterprise Drones such as the DJI M300. 

On this webinar, you can expect a quick showcase of the Intelligent Asset Inspection Features of the DJI M300RTK Drone followed with a comprehensive walkthrough on the Trendspek Platform workflow including uploading images from the drone, generating 3D digital modelling, performing remote inspections and reporting.

Join us on this webinar to discover the top benefits of using DJI Drones with Trendspek as a Complete Drone Solution for your Asset Inspection and Management.

Join us to Discuss:

Introducing DJI’s M300 (Features and benefits)
Benefits and use cases
Transforming photos into 3D models
Inspection workflows with Trendspek