Webinar: Automated flight plans to create top-quality 3D models

After processing thousands of datasets, the Trendspek team has put together a list of top tips to a better capture.  

Join Trendspeks Head of Product Josh Sinclair along with Hoverscape’s Cheif Remote Pilot Danny Elassad to talk all things modelling. 

Trendspek and Drone Harmony are walking you through the end-to-end workflow of creating 3D digital models by drones for remote inspection, analysis and collaboration.

On this webinar, we begin with planning an automated drone flight of an asset using the intelligent flight planning features of Drone Harmony. We discuss how you efficiently execute the flight in the field.

Trendspek takes all the image data on your assets and turns them into visual models along with the tools you need for inspections, workflow, planning and collaboration so you can make quick yet fully-informed decisions based on water-tight data.

Know the exact condition of every millimetre of your physical assets through detailed 3D models with true-to-life resolution, all at your fingertips.

Drone Harmony automates mission planning in the most challenging vertical inspection scenarios, guaranteeing high quality, reproducible data collection by pilots with minimal training.

Join us to discuss:

Flight planning 3D structures
Executing automated flights in the field
Review 3D model results
Inspection workflows with Trendspek

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