Trendspek inspection and analysis platform works towards ISO 9000 and 27000

Trendspek to become ISO certified in Data Security and Quality Management

Trendspek is excited to announce a new partnership with Best Practice as we become certified in both Data Security and Quality Management under the internationally-recognised ISO framework.

Through automation and drone technology, Trendspek transforms how physical assets are managed. Our collaboration with Best Practice will only set to improve upon our already industry-leading services.

We believe that access to comprehensive, detailed data are two key ingredients to success in our field. That’s why Trendspek is committed to nothing less than innovating on our already market-leading assets, with the backing of ISO certification, enabled through a working partnership with the Best Practice team.

“Success comes from working together with industry leaders whether it be within asset management, quality or security, and why we are excited to partner with Best Practice,” says Trendspek CEO, Derek Feebrey.

Trendspek is the drone data solution that asset managers use to make empowered decisions and ensure absolute asset knowledge. Trendspek believes that the quality and integrity of our services and data is always maintained. That’s why we’ve elected to be certified to the world’s leading data security and quality management systems.

We have created the ultimate online inspection tool that allows inspections to be conducted remotely on lifelike ‘digital twins’, therefore boosting productivity and profitability for anyone responsible for the management or maintenance of physical assets.