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How many photos are in a Gigapixel?

One Gigapixel (GP) is equivalent to 1000 Megapixels (MP)

Estimated Gigapixels

How does it work?

Trendspek pricing is based on Gigapixels. Gigapixels (GP) is a measurement of the total amount of photo data that goes into producing your reality model.

How many Gigapixels will it take to capture my asset?

The amount will vary depending on the size or resolution of your model. Larger or higher resolution models = higher number of Gigapixels.

1.5mm resolution

A very high resolution best suited when detailed inspections are required.
1 Gigapixel per 100m²*
*Estimated surface area per Gigapixel (GP)

3.0mm resolution

A high resolution best suited for inspections.
1 Gigapixel per 400m²*
*Estimated surface area per Gigapixel (GP)

5.0mm resolution

A medium resolution best suited for general inspections and site planning.
1 Gigapixel per 1,100m²*
*Estimated surface area per Gigapixel (GP)

10.0mm resolution

A medium resolution best suited for general inspections and site planning.
1 Gigapixel per 4,500m²*
*Estimated surface area per Gigapixel (GP)

 *Trendspek advises all figures are a guide only. For accurate results a flight plan should be made specific to the asset.

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Ideal for one-off projects
Data Hosted for   Month/s
 AUD Per Gigapixel
All projects include:
  • Up to 10 active users
  • Email support
  • Full suite of analysis tools
  • Collaborate with your team


Ideal for repeat captures & portfolios
 GP uploaded annually /  GP free storage
Excess data /gigapixel
All plans include:
  • Up to 25 active users
  • Additional Gigapixels available at your tiered rate
  • Priority support
  • Full suite of analysis tools
  • Collaborate with stakeholders
  • Trend monitoring tools
  • User management and permissions

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How long is a subscription?

Subscriptions to Trendspek are based on annual plans. You can still upgrade tiers during your subscription period, and if you decide to cancel, you will still have access to you all of the features until the completion of the plan.

Can I upgrade tiers during my subscription?

Of course you can. You will simply pay for the new plan less what you have already paid on your previous plan. For example if you upgrade from Tier 1 to 2 you will simply pay the difference. Note that you will still retain your original anniversary date.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes you can cancel anytime. However please note that all Trendspek subscriptions are an annual commitment. If you decide to leave us, you will still retain complete access until the end of the current subscription period.

What forms of payment do you take?

Trendspek accepts all major credit cards. If you are a registered businesses on a annual Trendspek subscription, we are able to provide an invoice payable by bank deposit or cheque.

What is a gigapixel?

A gigapixel (GP) is the equivalent of 1000 megapixels (MP). For instance if you are capturing asset imagery on a 20MP camera, one gigapixel would be a total of 50 images.

Do I need to select a tier to start my free trial?

No, when you start a 30 day trial you’ll have full access to all features for your first dataset. At the end of your trial you’ll need to select a tier to continue.