New feature release: Manager Dashboard (permissions)

Control every aspect of Trendspek

The new Manager Dashboard gives you role-based access control over your company and over each asset. You can select, in fine-grain detail, the functionality you want each user to have. Not only so, but you now have per-asset access control. Users can see only what you give them access to–no more, and no less.

Collaborate Securely with every Stakeholder

Trendspek has always been designed so that new users can be invited to view your assets with a click of the Share button. Now you can continue to share assets, safe in the knowledge that you can also control exactly what they’re allowed to do with that data. More than that, you’re now able to see who’s using Trendspek, and when they last accessed it. Collaborate today with all your stakeholders, whether it be your asset managers, project managers, C-level executives, maintenance staff, or anyone else who needs access.

Manage multiple companies with the click of a button

See the Manager Dashboard today

In the course of developing this functionality, we reviewed Trendspek from top to bottom and revised always with your security in mind. Roles have been configured to separate your finance team, your drone capture team and maintenance teams.

See the Manager Dashboard today

This functionality is available in Trendspek today. If you’re interested in seeing how the Manager Dashboard can revolutionise your asset inspections, why not request a free trial by clicking this link?

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