Streamline inspections and reduce property maintenance costs

Produce technical due diligence reports in days, not weeks
Strengthen relationships with buyers through improved transparency
Coordinate contractors with ease for increased maintenance efficiency
Collaborate with all asset stakeholders using a single source of truth

property owners and managers using digital twins to improve investment return
property owners and amanagers dont need ropes or equipment to inspect high risk areas

Error free inspections at your fingertips

Say goodbye to the lengthy and high-risk process of sourcing rope technicians, working through folders full of photos and dealing with unexpected maintenance costs due to human error in the inspection workflow.

Trendspek gives you 360° of your property with accuracy down to the millimetre, providing peace of mind that everything has been captured, inspected and stored securely.

Your central source of data to drive better decision making

When everyone is looking at different piece of the puzzle, it’s impossible to get the full picture of your property.

Trendspek allows you to analyse and compare all your important data sets in the one place, such as drone imagery, lasa data, thermal imagery, and IoT sensor data, which provides you with the actionable business intelligence you need.

rooftop inspections of industrial and commercial property remotely
compare and report on property with digital twin technology

Generate reports in a single click for better portfolio benchmarking

Say goodbye to the folder full of problems, and let Trendspek do the heavy lifting on keeping track of your asset condition.

With all areas of concern, the latest maintenance status, and any other important details about the asset documented in one secure place, Trendspek can create in-depth, visual reports with a single click.

Over time, these asset reports become more valuable, helping to identify trends, standouts and potential risks ahead of increased investment.

Actionable property data for every stakeholder

A better way to manage asset data from the boardroom to the work site

Property Owners

Reduce data silos and leverage actionable insights to make better decisions across entire portfolios.

Property Managers

Streamline inspection and maintenance workflows to get more out of every asset.


Increase team productivity and resource efficiency through accessing higher quality data.


Make more accurate risk assessments and better benchmark comparable assets with access to all the data.

Trendspek can free your business from the pitfalls of inaccurate and time consuming manual inspections


reduction in inspection time


reduced cost on inspections

100% peace of mind on safety and accuracy of inspections

peace of mind on safety and accuracy of inspections

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