Imagine a single source of truth

No more silos, out of date or missing data. Just easy access to current, accurate data wherever you are

digital twin software for telco towers
Absolute asset knowledge begins with a single click.
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Imagine being able to "climb the tower" from the safety of your home or office.

How much can you benefit from having access to consistent, current and usable network data? We give you true-to-life 3D digital models of your network assets, with all the tools you need to manage, annotate and share information, so you can make quick yet fully-informed decisions based on water-tight data.

  • Virtually inspect greenfield sites, upgrade works or co-location sites
  • Remotely complete condition audits
  • Site feasibility inspections without travelling to site
  • Remotely verify work quality and site acceptance audits
  • Keep people safe and OFF the towers to reduce WHS/HSE risks
  • Tower Structures

  • Headframes & Components

  • Compounds and surrounds

  • Access Tracks

  • Shelters & Cabinets

  • Vegetation clearance

When you need accurate, centralised data through all lifecycle activities

A better way to manage and keep accurate records of key assets

Construction & Acceptance

View a sites current state to effectively plan greenfield works or to assess site feasibility for upgrade works. Review completed works for QC and acceptance leaving you an accurate and current record.

Condition Assessments

Benefit from our industry-leading models to 1mm per pixel, and perform detailed asset assessments remotely with minimal disruption to your network.

Co-location Access

Securely grant temporary access to co-location owners for planning. With post construct models, assess compliance and maintain accurate records with new equipment.

Enhance safety and quality

Climbing towers or accessing rooftops is dangerous and expensive. Keep your people safe and improve the output quality and governance of your data. With remote access, there is often no need to travel to the site.

Developed in collaboration with telecom owners and operators

Telecommunications data that is secure, current and easy to roll-out


Complete Digital Twins, with high-res images. Easy to inspect.


Manage users, chat live, share docs in real-time with stakeholders


Intuitive markup cards to plan, assess, measure and record


Compare datasets to monitor defect lists and track changes over time

Data that is current; makes sense and is repeatable

Trendspek is the software to collate, display and track 3D data to provide a single source of truth. Forget spreadsheets, out of date drawings, file transfers and folders full of problems.

Trendspek enables you to centralise current and historical data including:

  • 3D “Reality” Digital Twins
  • 3D thermal models
  • 3D CAD/BIM design models
  • Single click photo navigation

“With current data in one easy to use and secure environment, everyone is accessing the same reliable information for decision making and planning”.

telco data is easier with digital twins and trendspek software
trendspek igital twins and reality twins for cell towers and telco assets

How easy is it to access network data?

Begin your 30-day free trial, no payment details required. Your privacy is important to us. We will never share your details.

Unlimited users working together with interactive data unlocks maximum value and efficiency

trendspek digital twin software for telco towers

Many of Trendspek's strongest advocates are corporate CFOs

The ROI is exceptional and proven within the Telecommunications Industry.

Reduce inspection times of tower structures by 87%
Reduce the cost of human resources/equipment by 78%
Reduce planning and compliance costs by over 80%
Reduce costs associated with decisions made with inaccurate data

climbing a cell towers is dangerous, digital twins with trendspek are cheaper faster and safer
compare towers side by side with drone data and digital twins

The right data at the right time is what drives efficiency

Trendspek helps to streamline lifecycle activities by significantly reducing the time to retrieve site information and reducing the requirement for travel to site. This means you can make data-led decisions faster with less risk.

You can also directly compare previous datasets to effectively “rewind time” and monitor condition and configuration changes. Ultimately, evidence-based data enables you to improve deployment, maintenance and lifecycle processes improving network reliability.

Timely access to useable data

Begin your 30-day free trial, no payment details required. Your privacy is important to us. We will never share your details.

Trendspek map os users across 31 countries for inspection including telco