Imagine bringing the asset to you

Reduce costs and risks whilst increasing the quality of your reporting

digital twins bim models all hosted in trendspek inspection software
Absolute asset knowledge begins with a single click.
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Imagine being able to analyse your entire project from the safety of your office.

How much can you benefit from having access to a complete, detailed digital copy of your project back in the office? We give you true-to-life 3D digital models of your engineering projects along with proprietary tool kit that allows hyper-accurate analytics. Trendspek allows Engineers to collaborate, analyse, document and report across their entire project.

  • Efficiently conduct full condition assessments based on accurate data
  • Design shutdown plans including logistics and site access mapping
  • Locate, identify and track defects and hazards
  • Grant access to contractors and tenderers to accurately plan capital works projects
  • Minimise disruption to your clients work site
  • Reduce corporate risk by using more accurate reporting data
  • Reduce site visits
  • Side by side trend monitoring
  • Confident Reporting
  • Annotate and share your findings
  • Suitable for all physical assets
  • No more handwritten notes and photos

When you need accurate, complete data for engineering assessments

A better way to assess asset condition and make accurate recommendations

Construction & Delivery

Visualise plans, brownfield sites and terrain data to effectively plan capital projects. Monitor construction progress using our timeline sliders and side-by-side viewers.

Condition Assessments

Benefit from our industry-leading model accuracy to 1mm per pixel, and perform detailed asset assessments remotely with minimal disruption to your project site.

Accurate Reporting

With detailed data, you can accurately complete engineering reports without relying on low fidelity data or repeatedly visiting the site.

Enhance safety and quality

Rope access and EWP’s are dangerous and expensive, Trendspek can help keep your people safe and improve the output quality and governance of your data.

Developed by and in collaboration with industry leading engineering firms

Engineering project data that is secure, accurate and complete


Complete Digital Twins, with high-res images. Easy to inspect.


Manage users, chat live, share docs in real time with stakeholders


Intuitive markup cards to plan, annotate, measure and record


Compare datasets to monitor defect lists and track changes over time

Data that makes sense and is repeatable

Trendspek significantly reduces the cost and time taken to assess high-value assets, while simultaneously minimising an organisations exposure to safety and corporate risk.

  • Reduce the number of engineers you have to send to site
  • Reduce the time taken to assess condition
  • Compile accurate reports from the office with the data right in front of you
  • Reduce liability with accurate data

“With current data in one easy to use and secure environment, everyone is accessing the same data for decision making”.

We give you true-to-life 3D digital models of your physical assets, with all the tools you need to manage, annotate and share information, so you can make quick yet fully-informed decisions based on water-tight data.

Understand the power of asset data

Begin your 30-day free trial, no payment details required. Your privacy is important to us. We will never share your details.

Working together with accurate, interactive data unlocks maximum value and efficiency

trendspek digital twin software for telco towers

Many of Trendspek's strongest advocates are corporate CFOs

The ROI is exceptional and proven within Engineering firms.

Reduce inspection times by 85%
Reduce the cost of human resources by 66%
Reduce planning and compliance costs by over 80%
Drastically reduce exposure to risk, injury or death

cfo love the roi trendspek delivers with digital twins of rail assets
trendspek digital twins is cheaper faster and safer then traditional asset inspections

Reduce Exposure to your WH&S risk

Trendspek is being used by teams to conduct remote desktop inspections without the need for engineers to enter dangerous sites or use bulky equipment which significantly reduces risk to life and injury.

“Trendspek negates the need for site access, allowing engineers, owners and operators the ability to complete fast and accurate assessments”

Useable data with unparalleled detail

Trendspek is being used to remotely inspect engineering projects and plan maintenance activity from anywhere, at any time.

“We were looking for detail, and reality models are delivering detail down the millimetre” 

The ability to collaborate in real-time offers transparency of asset information to all your engineering project stakeholders.

6 steps to collaborating effectively on asset data

Timely access to useable data

Begin your 30-day free trial, no payment details required. Your privacy is important to us. We will never share your details.

digital twins of rail asset with trendspek being used in 31 countries