Industry-leading 3D models from drones

Developed in collaboration with industry leading Drone Service Providers and Remote Pilots

Absolute asset knowledge begins with a single click.

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Trendspek delivers genuine value by providing industry-leading 3D models from drone-captured data.

Imagine being able to deliver your drone-captured images to clients in the form of highly detailed, completely interactive 3D Digital Twins.

Nothing on the market compares to Trendspek’s level of model detail, clarity and accuracy, and our comprehensive online toolkit to inspect, markup-up, collaborate and share findings.

With Trendspek you can:

  • Boost revenue
  • Instatntly add value to your product and increase your service offering
  • Upload data directly to our secure servers, saving equipment costs
  • Develop your own unique service offerings using Trendspek
  • Automatically catalogue every image, allowing access at the click of a mouse
  • Learn from our global network of equipment manufacturers, software and capture partners
Our Drone Services Clients report a 20-35% increase in revenue in the first 90 days

Maximise the value of your drone imagery

Over seven years of industry experience went into creating Trendspek; all lead by client demand.

Boost Sales

Beat competitors by offering your data, hosted securely online, as a 3D Digital model

Immaculate Presentation

Your captured images, presented clearly, capable of millimetre detail on our intuitive and unmatched 3D digital twins

Drive Repeat Business

Get called back regularly for repeat captures, as clients learn the value of repeat asset data in Trendspek

Drive Business Growth

Trendspek has enterprise business clients who are global multi-nationals. Become a “Trendspek preferred UAV Pilot”

Designed by you, built by Trendspek

Useable data for everyone from the Boardroom to the Toolbox.


Complete Digital Twins, with high-res images. Easy to inspect.


Manage users, chat live, share docs in real time with stakeholders


Intuitive markup cards to plan, annotate, measure and record


Compare datasets to monitor defect lists and track changes over time

Understand the power of asset data

Begin your 30-day free trial, no payment details required. Your privacy is important to us. We will never share your details.

Working together with accurate, interactive data unlocks maximum value and efficiency

6 steps to collaborating effectively on asset data

We stand beside our global UAV partners to grow your business

Trendspek’s business collateral and support offerings include:

Trendspek platform to match your corporate branding
A range of sales collateral items to assist in your messaging
Training materials including capture guides for various assets
Regular webinars and industry feedback
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trendspek drone service for asset management and inspection
Digital Twins save asset managers millions in costs

Many of Trendspek's strongest advocates are corporate CFOs

The ROI is exceptional and proven in multiple industries

Reduce inspection times by 85%
Reduce the cost of human resources by 66%
Reduce planning and compliance costs by over 80%
Drastically reduce exposure to risk, injury or death

The greatest tool the Drone Industry has seen, since the drone

By presenting your captured images as Trendspek Digital Models, you are empowering your clients with a tool that ensures complete peace of mind.

As users navigate Trendspek, inspecting their asset for defects and making notes right on the model, they can collaborate with peers and share their findings in real-time. And, their work is automatically recorded, creating accurate, historical data.

We are continuously evolving, adding functionality and improving user experience

Updates and new releases go out to the entire Trendspek community, and these are supported with short video tutorials and back-to-base support.

UAV Pilots don’t have time to do a lot of client hand-holding. You want to be out there, drones in the air and capturing data.

So we take care of the hand-holding for you. You can rely on us to take your customer service levels to the next level, once again separating you from your competition

Timely access to useable data

Begin your 30-day free trial, no payment details required. Your privacy is important to us. We will never share your details.