keep your digital twins safe in trendspek software for asset inspection

How to keep your data safe with Trendspek

1. Who is capturing your data?
flying drones to capture digital twins for asset inspection

Ensure your internal data capture team or drone service provider are following best practices to ensure both a secure and quality capture. Trendspek has developed our Data Capture Security Considerations guide in conjunction with some of Australia’s pre-eminent drone service providers to ensure security is a top consideration.

2. How are you transferring your data?
upload drone data securely

Use a secure procedure to transfer your data. Trendspek recommends using AWS S3 or a similar cloud function to transfer your data. We strongly suggest that USB or other manual transfers should be avoided where possible. Uploading directly to Trendspek’s portal is the most secure way to upload your data.

3. How strong is your password?

We recommend using a password manager such as Bitwarden and to create strong and unique passwords to access the Trendspek Portal.

4. Think a strong password is enough?

We recommend that you enforce multi-factor authentication (MFA) across your organisation to protect your data.

5. Manage your user permissions within Trendspek.
manage user permissions for digital twins with trendspek software

Trendspek allows data owners to manage who sees your data and to what level of detail. Use the granular permission levels inside Trendspek and follow least privilege principle to allow access only to those you need to.

Want to learn more about Trendspeks permission levels? Read our latest article

6. Train your team.

All executives and team members at Trendspek receive comprehensive and regular cybersecurity training to ensure awareness of cyber threats and protocols. We recommend that you do the same within your organisation!

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