Trendspek Platform – Acceptable Use Policy

This Policy describes the minimum standards of acceptable behaviour for all Users of the Trendspek Online Platform (the Platform). All Users of the Platform must adhere to this Policy. Failure to adhere to this Policy constitutes a breach of Trendspek’s Terms and Conditions for the Platform. Capitalised terms, unless otherwise stated, have the same meaning …
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Information & Data Security Policy for Trendspek

Information & Data Security Policy

Trendspek is committed to understanding and effectively managing risks related to Information and Data Security to provide greater certainty and confidence for our shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers and for the communities in which we operate. Finding the right balance between information security risk and business benefit enhances our business performance and minimises potential future exposures. …
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Quality Policy for Trendspek asset management

Quality Policy

At Trendspek, our mission is to digitise physical structures and empower decision-makers through quality data. We exist to simplify the management of valuable and complex infrastructure. We empower people with quality data and a single source of truth that is accessible and actionable, in order to maximise asset life and minimise waste and inefficiencies. We …
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trendspek privacy policy

Privacy Policy

Trendspek Pty Limited (ACN 629 654 360) (‘Trendspek’ or ‘our’ or ‘we’) is in the business of providing software and other technological products and services for the purpose of recording, analysing, monitoring, inspecting, collaborating, designing and reporting on physical assets, spatial imagery and modeling (Online Platform), which is licensed to you (Services). This Policy governs …
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